Help with bait

I have been comming to Edisto in June and July for the last few years now and besides getting lucky on our dock have not had a great time catching bait. Is anyone will to let a few of their favorite spots to baitcast or use sabiki’s become public knowledge. This will be the 2nd year we will have the boat down and a good supply of bait that wont break the bank is nice. I also like to do things the hard way. Anyone can buy bait.

Thanks in advance for the help.

JustinH…pogies should be straight across from big bay on the sand bar ocean side…look for the birds. Be careful cause it can get shallow over there. A cast net will get you all you need.

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I agree with Margaret Jane,a good heavy net will get you all you need.
Watch the birds or even on a calm day, just watch the water you can see them shining on top.

If you’re going to try the sabiki rig, I’ve never tried it but have seen folks doing it at the Edisto 60.

Justin: Call me when you are at Edisto 843.893.7118, and you can meet me at the Marina and i will show you some areas and tricks with the Sabiki rig

Captain Huff
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Thanks all for the help.

Capt. Huff, I will definately take you up on your offer.