Help with fishing!

Can anybody help with some good spots to try for whiting, trout or really anything eatable? Wanted to try some fishing during down time while shrimping. We will be putting in at the state park and from what I have heard so far this season we may need a backup plan. Thanks.

I have not been down this time of year much but I have always caught whiting earlier in the summer around the mouth of the north edisto on the shell/sand bottom on the right hand side headed out to the ocean. Have also caught them around the two sunken boats which are also on the right side if you are headed out to the ocean. I use squid and shrimp (peel the shrimp). You can also catch the in the bay just out from the marina on the beach side. You may be able to catch them in the surf also. One of these places may produce fish I have not fished around the State Park but one of the creeks (jeremy’s inlet or botany bay may also produce something edible. Hope this helps

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Thanks for your help.

Send RADDADDY a pm. He’s a local guide on edisto and can put you on the fish. We booked a trip with him this past June and it was worth every penny.

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