Here Come the Pelagics

The best thing about the month of March is that it is almost April. It is funny to watch how tense everyone gets on the website from January to late February as winter gets into full swing. Everyone is just a little edgy and you can tell they are about to go crazy for a chance to fish, especially the offshore fishermen. While March is not the best month for offshore trolling, there will be some tuna caught and wahoo and everyone will begin to realize that once April arrives offshore trolling will be in full swing and the reports will begin to roll in. Many people do not have boats and will be booking charters in our area and while I believe the majority of our charter services are top-notch, there are many that come and go each year. When choosing a charter there are a few things you will want to do and look for.

 First and foremost is the boat. Choose a charter service that runs a well-built and well maintained boat. You can tell a lot about a crew by the care and pride they take in their boat. Remember the boat is the single largest investment in this business and if the boat looks like it is not taken care of, it probably isn’t. A good owner, captain, and mate team will take good care of their boat and are proud to do so. Make sure the size of the boat suits the application and the area you will be fishing. While small boats are great for fishing areas with deep water close to the land, Charleston’s waters do not get deep for many miles and runs of 50-60 miles one way are not uncommon.

 The Captain and mate can be the difference between an enjoyable charter or a miserable charter. Look for a crew that has been working together for a few seasons and have a good reputation for catching fish and having fun. I’ve been on charters where the Captain and mate were so uptight, you were stressed just making sure you got your fish to the boat and never really enjoyed catching them.  here is nothing wrong with asking for some references, a good crew will be happy to give them to you. A good, experienced c