Hey Fred, Walterboro gonna be full of media for a bit

That POS Murdaugh murder trial. That loser should be hung! And I’m not even referring to the murders…


Good business for the motels and restaurants…

Yep. He ought to get life just for all the breach of trust, embezzlement and fraud. All the shenanigans he and daddy pulled in Beaufort Memorial Hospital to protect Paul(aka Timmy) after the Archer Creek boat wreck that resulted in Mallory Beach’s death. From what I understand, all the motels are booked up. As of last week Green Acres Campground had plenty of vacancies. Bunches of TV satellite trucks and media tents near the courthouse. Traffic wasn’t too bad today.

What’s hard for me to understand is how do you embezzle over 9 million dollars from a law firm and not raise suspicion? Even more hard to understand … How could a father possibly murder his own son? I’m not sold on that yet… I guess the trial will tell.

I’ve drank a few drinks with the man and been to the farm several times, hunted and fished there. So much doesn’t add up in my mind. You never truly know many people in life. One of my best friends moon lights most every weekend on the farm… He was pretty shocked as well.

The son that was murdered was a real piece of crap and was bailed out from numerous issues… but his Dad Murdering him? Maybe we’ll all learn the truth over the next couple of weeks.

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I watched the Documentary on it a few months ago. Some crazy stuff but honestly it’s probably more common then we think. Well maybe with the exception of murdering your family.

Fripp, yep, been following this pretty much since the Mallory Beech murder/accident. His BS at the hospital was to make it right, alright. Blame Connor Cook…That dam Paul was entitled POS as well. If folks have not heard the 911 call and seen the dash cam vids from that night, you should. the stuff that went on previously with “Timmy” is a lot, but taken care of, ya know.

Fred, that family had POWER and apparently unquestionable trust down there. Seems that every law enforcement agency was afraid to mess with them due to the repercussions that could follow. Kinda like the Biden family on a smaller scale…

On murdering the son and wife, Paul caused this financial inquiry to come up due to the death of MALLORY, and who knows what his wife knew. Supposedly she was lured there and told friends such.

Good grief, anyone that could steal money like he did while his clients were suffering is godless, to put it mildly. The Satterfield case, Pickney case, state trooper case, and more is sickening to hear about as to how greed could cause a person to act this way. And apparently smile to you, shake your hand and say I got your back…with that said, that prick didn’t care about his wife or son. Only himself!!! IMO

Ya know, he was suppose to provide in court all of his financial documentation the day after the murders?? That caused a delay and in that timeframe he tried to borrow more money to get straight with law firm…HMMM.

Like you said, you don’t know what’s going on in someones head…

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Have they linked the murder weapons to anyone? Pretty vindictive murderer or murderers to blow a young man’s brains out of his skull with a most likely shotgun close range blast, at least that’s in one report I read

Pretty common formula=Greed+money+power=hard hearted emotions, toward loved ones especially, because of fear of loved ones turning on them for their CALLOUS behavior and selfishness…

I can’t remember, did they even find the murder weapons? Just that “Timmy” was shot with a shotgun and Maggie shot with a centerfire rifle (5 times?), rumors or reports that an AR? was used. I just read that news tidbit yesterday about Paul’s brains were “detached” from his skull by the shotgun blast.
@DoubleN Yes, the aftermath of the boat debacle is really revealing of character. The EMS requested a deputy ride in the ambulance with Paul due to his belligerence. More so the Alex and his father descending upon the hospital going room to room, telling the Connor boys, et al, not to say anything to the law about who was driving(as testified to by the Nurses on duty) and then try to blame it on the Connor boy who was Mallory’s boyfriend. Also the mystery about the Smith boy’s death who allegedly had a tryst with Paul’s older brother Buster. The mystery around Mrs. Satterfield’s death. Tripped over the dogs!?!? Yep Paul sure seems to be the entitled type from all accounts.
@Fred67 Reports say that Maggie was in the process of filing for divorce and her attorneys would have performed a forensic audit on Alex’s finances and who knows what they may have found incriminating. I met Alex Murdaugh one time years ago at a McLeod party, just “hey how you doing, nice to meet you” kind of thing and a first impression seemed to convey a humble kinda down to earth okay guy. But “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?” “The shadow knows!”

I’ve followed this case for several years.

Murder weapons haven’t been located, as far as I know.

Where did all the embezzled ill-gotten money go? Couldn’t have all been spent on drugs?!?

Here I go arm chairing it… I’ve also heard the drug use spending… I don’t believe that, as he was still practicing law in front of juries and a judge, and very successful with it. That kind of money spent on drugs a person (IMO) could not function in a normal manner. 9 million dollars that they know of just from the law firm? That’s a LOT of drugs of the most top grade. If he was sharing someone would have ratted by now.

On the murder… I have no remorse for Timmy for the things he’s done and the things that have been covered up. I just have doubts it was the Dad that did it. From things on the street, A select few from the Beaufort area had promised to avenge Mallory’s Murder by Drunk Timmy.

What DoubleD said… The Murdaughs power and influence goes way back and has/had deep roots in law and community. As truths come out, it is obvious Alex is a criminal with no regard for others. On Mrs. Gloria’s death, I believe in my heart Timmy pushed her down the stairs and Daddy covered it up and also keep the money due her family. Even after her 20+ years as a loyal housekeeper.

Rumor has it that Mrs. Satterfield caught “Timmy” breaking into the liquor cabinet and was going to say something to his parents. There was some news tidbit that would date back to when Paul was much younger and there was a mysterious fire that started out at the back of their home in Hampton?

In regards to drugs. The Moselle property was purchased from the the Boulware wife/widow/family in 2013 through a Sec 1031 Like Kind Exchange valued at $ 730,000. The deed doesn’t list the replacement or Murdaugh’s traded property. Boulware was a shrimper who had a reputation as a big dope smuggler. I think I remember reading that the Feds tried to charge Boulware one time and the government witness got “accidentally” run over and Arkancided?

I agree with Fred they couldn’t have doped up all that money.
I seen an interview with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry several years ago. Steven was joking about they should have called us the toxic twins. Said they were doing cocaine by the shovelful. Said when they were at the height of their partying they did about a million dollars worth of cocaine in a year…

Traffics not too bad around the court house this morning, at least not on Jefferies Blvd. Some news hounds on the front and side lawn.

Traffic wasn’t bad an hour ago coming through there.

Everyone tuning into Court TV is guess…


@Mixed_Nutz @Bayrider @Fred67 @EasyRider @EasyRider @Offthechain Fox News is showing Murdaugh trial live. Dick Fartpootlian is running his mouth.

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Fartpootlian just mentioned 300 Blackout for the AR.

Live stuff is over. Neil Capooto is on. Change channel to FBN.

Back to work…