HHI Surf

Hey guys,
I also posted in Beaufort/HHI
Headed down with the kids this wkend. HHI is new turf as far as surf fishing goes for us.
As we usually fish by boat. I know/have the tackle, bait etc. just really looking for a starting point as far as what area. We are staying near Coligny. Any advise from anyone would be greatly appreciated!!!


I like the Burkes Beach/ Collier area near the small inlet. You can also carry a lighter set up with a jig head and walk the creek from the Burkes side. Last time I was there the Mullet were thick.

Here is a pic of the Inlet running out at Burkes.

Thanks DP!!!
That does look good. How is the parking situation in that end?

Working hard to play harder!!!

There is a decent parking area. Some are metered closer, some off street a little farther away. This time of year shouldn’t be that busy.