How 'bout them #5 Vols

A " Moral" victory, for the Coots Fans, once again?

Not as good as a walk off homer, in the 12th inning.

But close.

Really close!!

That sucked. Worst time they could have picked to go cold from the floor. Meechie tried to do way to much down the stretch. He’s not that guy.

Silver Lining = At least it was us and not Alabama and Georgia.

Spurs Up Bitches
God Bless Deacon Barnes

In case anyone isn’t paying attention, we both got us a competitive hardball team again this year too, so there’s that.

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Looks like the Tigers are strong in baseball too.

Good luck all!!

I forgot about that broom ya’ll put on the coots last week. Good stuff. Orange is their kryptonite

God Bless the good Deacon Barnes

Too bad the Coot’s went south early…