How 'bout them #5 Vols

Vs. the Coots?

Oh wait…


Blind squirrles, nuts, and so on.

Its a long season, march is a month away. We’ll see

But yeah, that was hard to watch

Sorry, I had to… :wink:

Just trying to embrace the resident tribe of Coots fans, with a spark of hope!

Nothing more…



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if people can’t see that we are legit now then they never will. I honestly didn’t see us as this good early in season even after our 7-0 start, but beating Kentucky and Tennessee it should definitely be an interesting rest of season.

I am actually really enjoying basketball this season. The team has some real talent and is fun to watch. They have definitely exceeded my expectations so far. Kicking wildcat and vol butts (especially them being top 10 teams) just sweetens the season that much more. Now we need to go down to Jawja and beat those dawgs like we should have last time.

The chickens are fun to watch. It was great to see them surprise a couple of the traditional power houses. It will be interesting to see where they are rated next week.

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dirt peckers going to do what the dirt peckers always do

be sure and wave as you drop back out of the top 20,

yeah thats it, wave and big toothy grin

Dare I say GBRB?

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Big Game Wednesday night.


I can’t make it. Did you get tix?

No sir, also just found out my best gal has made plans for me that evening attending some music show downtown starting at 9pm. That’s almost bedtime.

Apparently, you have to type a complete sentence.


Dirt Peckers gonna get the hope snatched right out of them tomorrow, then curb-stomped in front of a sell out home crowd.

In the end, its the hope that kills you. Y’all are used to the curb stomp, just ask Hammurrd :wink:

God Bless the Deacon Rick Barnes tomorrow night, and as always Coaches Josh Heupel, Tony Vitello, along with the entire Volunteer Nation.

Spurs Up Coots

Man, you vols just can’t help being the way you are can you. Even if you beat us Wednesday, you still lost to us this season. And you were beaten by a team picked to finish LAST in the conference.

I’ll take being beaten if it means I never have to wear that putrid orange.

Spoken like a true dirt pecker

Honestly I wish you coots a bunch of luck tomorrow, really I do



All bad

You’re a classy guy. Never change.

You pissy about the message or the messenger?


Yours is soaked, lol

You’ll have to think about that one

Here we go…