How 'bout them Tigers?

Are we in for a long season…

gonna be a 5-6 Carolina team against a 5-6 clemson team to fight and see who gets to go to a bowl. LOL

Hard for me to say, I only watched the first half. But from what I saw I thought Duke was fired up and ready to do battle. Clemson didnt really look all that bad, it just seemed they felt like they were going to waltz into a win, and didnt have their heads in the game.

I said before, when Venables left it hurt Clemson bad. Dabo and Brett were “on it” together,not so much apart.

I think Clemteck goes 6-5 this season, thats my best guess. I was at 7-4 until, you know, ,

by my calculations thats 2 wins for North Carolina this weekend and a big coots egg for South Cackalackie, so theres that.

Should be an easy week for Dabo to get his stuff together with Charleston Southern this weekend, but it’ll be fun to watch either way

I’m guessing your “ranking/reputation” only goes so far?

Duke didn’t out play Clemson, until it made a difference.

And, what a difference it made!!

Can’t say much the way the Gamecocks stunk it up. The tigger’s loss did ease the sting of our loss just a bit though. Might be a rough year for football in the Palmetto State. I don’t see any National Championships being won by SC teams this year.

Pfffft, yes they did. Duke outplayed Clemson, outcoached Clemson, made several bonehead mistakes and still won by three touchdowns.

EF, I’m guessing you think your Vols will have ten wins this year?

Im thinking 9, hoping 10, and praying for 11

Im just happy our program seems to be (finally) headed in a positive direction.

Looking at the post game stats, it looks like Clemson led in rushing, passing, first downs, etc.

Just not the score, hence my comment on not being out played.

In a couple of weeks we’ll find out if this game was just a fluke, or Clemson has slipped back into miserable mediocracy, like their Instate rivals tend to celebrate?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the jab! LOL…

I’m sure their will be room for plenty more on both sides.:wink:

That’s the one thing about Tater fans, they refuse to accept that someone could be better than them. Duke is a better team than Clemson this year.

And…the only thing that matters is the score.

Sadly, sometimes we Tater Fans just have to accept the fact that another team is, actually, better than us.

We just try not to make it a habit…:wink:

And, believe me, I’m pulling for the Gamecocks, in every game but one!!:+1:

That almost makes you want to be a Vol fan.

Nope, still orange. Punkin’ orange but orange, nonetheless.

I think we just goal line fumbled again… Was tough to watch… But no mind, I’m no fair weather fan. Go Tigers, win or lose, that’s my team :muscle:

Looks like the local news, WSPA-7, has rumored that Clemson is leaving the ACC, next month?

Any inside info?

Unless they go to the SEC or the Big 10, why move? Any other realistic move anywhere else would be moving down.

I dont see the SEC or the Big 10 needing Clemson or Florida State in the near future anyway

Just my 2 cents

I agree. Why would they leave the ACC, when they’re in the top team or two, routinely?

Money? Come on!

Clemson has plenty of money!

Plenty of mine anyway…

I guess we shall see?

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Sep 28, 2023, 8:39 AM Reply
Ok, I know a lot of people have seen the reports the past few days that would indicate a decision on Clemson’s future plans is imminent. I have been quiet because I wanted to make sure the info I had was correct, that all the pieces fit together, and I had to wait on my most trusted sources. I worked into the night last night and early this morning and I think I have a good sense of where Clemson stands.

Let’s parse it out….Yes, there is a BOT meeting scheduled for early next month. It’s been on the books for over a year. Will there be a piece where Graham Neff discusses the landscape and where we stand with realignment and expansion? Absolutely. But there will be no announcement that Clemson is leaving the ACC or has an invite from someone else.

And to tell you how rumors swirl and things get started – I received a text yesterday telling me that an “All Hands on Deck” meeting is scheduled for Oct. 11 with all of the coaches and Neff and President Clements. People see that date – considering Oct. 10th has been bandied about as a possible “gotcha” date and decided to read a lot into it. This was a meeting that was scheduled for August but had to be rescheduled, the Prez is not going to speak, and this appears to be a normal meeting.

And finally, I received a phone call this morning from a person that I consider my most trusted source – someone who knows all – and she told me point blank, that there is no invite from another league and that Clemson doesn’t expect to announce any sort of future plans by the end of football season (That was the date I asked about, as in is it imminent?).

I’ve been told that Clemson’s legal team is fully investigating all avenues towards the Grant of Rights, and that will be ongoing. Clemson is exploring all avenues and that will be ongoing. But right now, it looks as if most of the bandwidth is concentrated on ACC revenue distribution and the new schools and how all of that shakes out.

If something pops in the meantime? Great. But right now, it’s head down and proceed as if we are a long-term member of the league while also exploring any and every other avenue available. I’ve been on this since the beginning, and I trust my sources on this, so I hope you trust me now. I truly don’t expect anything to happen here in the next few weeks, but I will monitor it and let you know what I am hearing.

The Taters won’t dominate the SEC or Big 10 like they have the ACC. Surprised they want to leave.