How did you come up with your Username?

I’ll start…
I don’t know my join date but it has to be when i was around 25 or so. Anyway, my last name is Murray and in college I used to use Murr to make a word in anyway I could to get a laugh. like Murrman, Murrminator, Murrtastic, Murraculous, and of coarse Hammurred. So when me and my buddy signed up on here years ago he was gasman(ran copper gas pipe in houses) and I must have been a few jack and waters deep and used Hammurred. I know I know it’s dorky, but either way it is what it is. I’ve tried to think of a good boat name to use it in. only one i can think of is “MurrSea Me” however the wife isn’t crazy about it. O’well
So now your turn!

You thought of that one?

I might be violating community guidelines if I told you how I got my name


mine is even more corny, has been my screen name since my first 56k dial up modem introduced me to AOL instant messenger

i was in high school when Austin Powers 2 came out, and the phallic humor of the intro scene where the Bob’s Big Boy re-enters the atmosphere with Dr Evil inside it was particularly funny to a pubescent kid who also happened to be in spanish class

“barba” is spanish for beard… and i’ll leave it at that


since you wondurred, your profile says january of '08, so your internet persona is legal to drive but not vote!

i joined later that year at rapchizzle’s insistence that i would find it entertaining. turns out he was right…

I had just moved to Edisto and was mostly searching for information when I stumbled upon this site. Mine wasn’t that creative, originally it was edisto-fisher. Everyone just started calling me EF, and it stuck. When this website was updated I had to add the 1 because two letter alias’s were no longer allowed.

It was pretty early on, don’t remember the exact dates, but Andy was uber-protective of gotchacovered and made me join the band,thus I was on tour for a few years.

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well my boys would call me that at times yes LOL
it was definately thought out.

mine is the same as my boat name… It’s a small, open boat and to windward could be problematic… Sooooo P2Lee it is.

The StumpNocker II

She was 14ft, floated in spit, and ripped more than its share of lips… I can’t believe its been over a decade ago… brought back some good memories on my pic search, thanks.

I hope others chime on in as well.


Mine was the name of our softball team years ago. We were all a bunch of Nuts. Pretty good at softball, and excellent at drinking beer!!

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was building a boat using spare parts from a bunch of other boats. Was pulling in Ashley marina to get fuel with a customers boat, hailed them over teh radio, they asked for a vessel name, didn’t remember the name of teh boat, so quickly said “Spare parts”

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When I joined, my wife managed a group of tackle shops. I didn’t want my shooting my mouth off on the interwebs to reflect on her, at all. I have a project hull in the back 40 that was built by the Palmer Scott boat yard in New Bedford, Ma. Ergo, PalmerScott. Not, me, john ulmer.

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Are you still working on the Palmer Scott boat?

As I recall, weren’t those some of the very first fiberglassed boats around?

I think we talked about it a long time ago, and for whatever reason I thought you told me that, but maybe not,I got CRS

got any pics?

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Admittedly, I haven’t perused much since I sold my boat years ago. But saw this topic and wanted to weigh in. I created my username after seeing a boat key float with “Get in, shut up, hold on” printed on it. I changed Get to Jump and just used the first letter in each word …

“Jisuho” was born.


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that’s a good one

I always wondered about your alias.


There was a similar thread on this topic a looong time ago on and it was pretty entertaining.

I’m an optical engineer and in school one of our electives was taught by an old skool guy from Kodak from the film days, and he referred to us as “you optikers”

dayum the swagger on this is real

Peaked that very day


It was funny, and one of many.

Over there they didn’t really like you unless they were riding you like a rented mule,

There was always a stimulus-response thing over there, it fit my personality, lol

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