How Do Sacrificial Anodes Work?

Many folks these days are completing their own 100 hour services on their outboards including myself. With a minor amount of mechanical knowledge and after the initial purchase of a handful of the required tools such as filter cups, engine oil pump, foot oil pump etc it is generally significantly less money to handle it on your own. Simply purchasing an online kit or stopping by your local dealer takes far less time than towing your boat to the dealership to have it serviced as well.

Most 100 hour service kits include the appropriate oil, filters, and seals etc but one item that is very often overlooked are the anodes. Depending upon the environment you are operating your motor in you should be at very least inspecting anodes every time you complete your engine service. If your boat sits in a saltwater environment more frequent inspections are highly recommended as well as possibly using heavier anodes to provide appropriate protection.

This weeks article comes to us via Boat US providing important background information on anodes as well as more information on when to replaceā€¦