How to fix the Bowls

Go to a 8 team playoff. Have the power 5 champions get a bid, then let the committee decide on the 3 at-large and decide on the seeds.

Then setup a NIT style bracket for all the rest. Let the 5 power 5 losers get into the second round with a bye, and makeup the rest of the brackets with the remaining top teams.

Have a bracket of 6 teams to play around the same time as the conference championship that allows them to play into the NIT bracket. Then the 3 winners of that, and the 5 Power 5 losers makeup an elite 8 bracket and play into their own Championship. Every group plays the same amount of games, but you increase the post season by 1 game. So take out 1 regular season OOC game, or just extend the post season.

This keeps the Conference championships games, leaves the New Years 6 for the top tier bracket, along with a national championship, and leaves 10 bowl games for the tier 2 championship.

16 bowls, includes 19 top 25 teams a chance to play for something meaningful.

Of course this would mean the Big12 would either need to play a championship game, or pull the seeds back to a power 4 and let them fight for an at-large CFP seed. That would open up another committee decision spot, and give a field of 8 and another bowl game for the first bracket of “NIT” tourney.

Might be a crazy idea, but if it works for basketball maybe it could work for football.

In that setup, LSU wouldn’t even be playing in a bowl hypothetically, so the LF decision is made for him.

And CM would be playing against someone like AU on conference championship weekend and a chance to keep playing quality opponents on the way to a tier 2 championship. Now he may still decide he doesn’t want to play, but at least he is playing for something against top 20 teams at their best instead of unranked UNC in El Paso Texas the day before New Years Eve.

While they are at it. Why not play at a central site over a few days, and let some big sponsor run the whole thing. Alternate the sponsor and site location at each bracket. Fans could buy tickets to multiple games and make weekend plans in cities around the brackets.

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