HTF do I catch a GRASS CARP?

So I’ve got a large pond out back and there were some grass carp put in there about a year ago to control the algae. I noticed a few bruisers cruising around yesterday and couldn’t resist pulling out my ultralight to see if I could make it happen. I reverted back to the trusty dough ball and not even a nibble? I’ve seen people talk about catching other types of carp with corn, dough balls, etc. but I think grass carp might be picky. Any ideas? Thanks fellas, tight lines -

They might be used to being feeder fed (from the farm), so try some cat or dog food…toss a hand full in front of them and see what happens…

Ride around at night with lights on a boat and stick one with a bow and arrow. That’s the only proven, for sure way I know.

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small white popper on fr, put IN ITS FACE (like within a foot) this has worked for me. ps, hold on

ps, hold on

roger that slack!


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16’ Alum. w/40 yam

a small trout sized fly (nymph) on a strong hook.

My mother (78 yrs.) feeds fish bread the carp love it. I used a large hook for bass fishing, 1/4 slice of bread, the end peice works great, small weighted bobber 2’ from hook, chum the water w/bread, toss it in & hang on. Just my .02 it worked for me.

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1/4 stick(for shallow water) 1/2 stick(for deep water trolling) of TNT a lighter and a 12 pack of Natty Light.

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what weight fly rod??

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corn pops always works for me

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8’ cast net. :smiley:

No really, don’t shoot or kill them, they were put there by someone at a cost to that person. (I know you probably won’t).

I fish carp in the lake just for the pull. I always catch them on corn. Dry dog or cat food can be used for chum. You can make a water tight 2’ x 2’ pvc pipe frame attached to a rope. Put it in the water and tie off the rope to the shore, then put the dry pet food or fish food in the square and float it out into position. This will contain the fish within an area and your dry pet food won’t spread all over the pond or lake.

pflueger 4wt, clearwaterII (might as well make it a challenge) after all its just a carp. They can create a lot of energy fast but dont have the stamina

Blue Runner my thoughts exactly…8’cast net.

Double D.

Lawndarts and twine

I added grass carp to my pond years ago, after watching them hog up the fish feed I put in daily for my bream and catfish I decided something had to be done. I raided my wifes’ underwear drawer for a pair of old pantyhose which I used to tie a version of a ‘grasscarp fly’. Take 2 pellets of pond fishfood, I use Purina’s Gamefish chow or Aquamax, cut a small piece of pantyhose, wrap the two pellets in the pantyhose and stretch the hose as tightly as possible, tie it off with mono. If you pull the hose tight enough it almost disappears. Freeline the ‘fly’ 2’ to 3’ under a small bobber and hang on these suckers can pull. I eliminated most of the carp this way, but several were hooked and lost because of using too light of line. Those carp became hook wary, but would show up at feeding time. I eliminated those with a shot to the head with a .410 shotgun loaded with number 6 shot. These fish live a long time and become opportunistic feeders, I learned this after watching one raid a bream bed, sucking up the eggs. Unless you have a really severe grass problem in your pond, I wouldn’t recommend adding the dern things.

Good info. A buddy of mine has a pond with em. If you do get them make sure they are sterile and only get as many as are recommended to control algae for your pond size.

Good info on the pellet/panty hose deal. I’ve heard of and seen chicken livers done this way.

This may sound slightly off kilter but take a couple of mcdonalds french fries and let them dry out for a few days or weeks so they are hard and light (kinda like the ones under the seat of your hunting truck). try an entire fry on a decent size hook on an 8 weight fly rod. That has worked for me and I got the tip from an orvis pro shop owner if thats any kind of cred.


That should work fine…and if you happen to get hungry…


Crickets. If they are sterile grass carp, they cost anywhere from 5-20 bucks each, depending on how they are shipped, so don’t kill them.