Hurricane Ian

been a while since we did this dance. time to start watching, especially if you live in Tampa

propane, genny fuel, truck fuel, water, bourbon, boolits

what did i miss?


And a rain outfit for Bunbun.

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I have a good friend that lives a bit north of Tampa. Hoping it doesn’t get as bad as it looks.

time will tell. Let’s hope all goes well. Living in the hurricane zone, just have to hope for the best.

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Can’t get through to family near Ft. Myers has anyone had contact from Florida folks with any reports?

I read that some 800,000 are already without power. They expect 10 times that amount by nightfall.

all my florida people got out, so i’m just reading the updates as they drop. hope you hear from folks soon, there are tropical systems and then there are upper Cat4’s… you don’t mess with the latter.

been watching this set of models since last week, the intensity guidance on the blue ones shows upper cat1/lower cat2 between charleston and georgetown… be safe, all


Lol. *prepping

Y’all guys that live near the coast, hunker down & be safe. Hopefully it won’t be too bad on Y’all.

Not to make light of what has happened to everyone in Florida and elsewhere still to be determined.

But this is probably going to shoot shrimp season right square in the a$$

'bout time to make sure your windows are all up and your hatches battened

Looks like storm surge is going tto be a problem around the holy city

prayers sent and fingers crossed

Been watching the track all day, looks like it is steadily shifting North up the coast. Let’s just hope it doesn’t gain too much strength for where ever it hits. Back to a Cat 1 right now.

Looks like it’s headed your way now OTC? Be safe!

Got everything put up generator gassed up.
At least it looks like worst of it’s going to be in the daytime.

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Good luck to everyone

For all the 80’s crowd…

Scorpions - Rock You Like A Hurricane (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Watching weather cams at work and looks like things are picking up. Y’all be careful down there.

At least you’ll have plenty of work close to home and family for a while now, so theres that.