I Grew Up Wanting To Be A Cop,,,,,,,,,,

,not so much anymore.

I was in Charleston when the Sofa Super Store burnt and took 9 brave men down with it, so I know lots of you are painfully aware of just how something like that can rattle a community right down to its foundation. I can’t even begin to imagine how painful the church shooting must have been. No one is immune.

Today was a tough day, tomorrow it’s supposed to rain.

Rest In Peace Officers Logan Fox and Chris Ward

Thanks for posting that. Prayers to the family and friends of these heroes.

I could not do it. I’d be arrested myself. I don’t think the public actually knows just how strong our law officers have to be. They are only human and now with the media supporting such lunacy as de-funding the Police? Hat’s off to those in Blue serving and protecting us all.

You seen this one? This is actually a school teacher! I hope she looses her job for being racist. Telling a Mexican Officer he is a murderer and that he’s mad because he can’t be White! All the while she was the one committing an offence by being on the phone and driving. Bottom line, NONE of our recent deaths would have occured if people would have just complied with the Law.



crazy bithh doesn’t even have her Drivers licence. One super polite and strong law officer! Bless him and all our brothers and sisters in law having to deal with such craziness.