Introducing Coastal Shark Tagging Initiative

Okay, some of you know that we have been working on a project to help study and debunk the myths and misinformation regarding shark behavior, especially in the surf.

Several of the members of Requiem and myself have started a 501(c)(3) non-profit to raise awareness of actual shark behavior and how it affects humans that swim in the ocean.

The media would have you believe that fishermen are chumming in sharks by the thousands and that is leading to an increasing number of attacks.
This is simply untrue and only serves to increase ratings from the media outlets that promote these untruths. As all of you know, if it’s on the internet or on TV it must be true right?

Coastal Shark Tagging Initiative - or CSTI will be working with the SCDNR this year and upcoming years to tag and study the sharks that most frequently inhabit the surf zone and interact with people.

Our current project will utilize acoustic receivers that will be planted at the mouths of the major inlets along the South Carolina coast as well as beaches that are heavily fished, and beaches that are rarely fished.

Specific species of sharks will be tagged with acoustic transmitters and with the data collected we will hopefully, be able to establish enough to data to present solid evidence in the debate of fisherman leading to shark bites.

You may be aware that certain counties in Florida are trying to pass bans on shark fishing stating that the fishermen are making it unsafe for the public to swim.
We are strongly against such bans, as they have absolutely no data or evidence to back them up and the legality of the counties enforcing them are questionable, to say the least.

As with everything, our research equipment is not free. The acoustic transmitters and tags, all cost money, and we will be fundraising in order to purchase the equipment needed.

Please take a few minutes to view our website for more information at and
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We ( The Atlantic Shark Angling Club est.1983), attempted to inform local governments in areas where fishing was banned back in the mid-80’s. Data was collected then on fishing targeting sharks from beaches and piers versus reported shark attacks on bathers.
Unfortunately, for us, our voices were never heard or responded to with any level of seriousness.
Virtually every conversation with a pier manager would end with him explaining that they just couldn’t have guys chumming and “bringing sharks in”. They didn’t want to listen to common sense and reasoning. Most likely, because of the emmense pressure from the hospitality industry. It was a very frustrating decade, before we simply decided to go about our way and fish quietly without the fanfare and chest thumping. This is why WE did and continue to do it primarily at night on beaches where it is still legal. Over the past 3 + decades we have seen a huge influx of guys getting into it. This is good in some ways and can be a negative thing as well.
My hope is that people will use their heads and not spoil it for the rest of us. Common sense should prevail.

How can we volunteer?

aww the child didn’t like the truth and being called out so he got the posts deleted…

he is straight scamming the community and wanting money… he was the cause of the ban on folly…

What posts have been deleted, Mike? The ones with you ranting about how awful I am in the “Fishing Discussion” section are still there for anyone who wants to read them. You sure dedicate a lot of energy to your grudges, Id hate to be an ex-girlfriend of yours. |

SC Shark, I’m not sure what your problem is but you sound very juvenile here. CSTI isn’t looking for money to line anyone’s pockets. All of the money donated goes to research. If you don’t agree with the research, that’s fine and I can respect that, no one is making you contribute, but coming on the forums and trying to bad mouth someone and sling mud just looks childish and petty.
If you have an issue with Stan personally maybe you should hash it out privately instead of trying to derail a project that is only looking to help.

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^^^^ agree