Inventory Time

Growing up I worked several jobs in retail establishments. One word we all hated to hear was inventory. It was always a huge process that took several days to prepare for a one really long day and night to execute. This time of year the fishing is as slow as it gets. The inshore fish are cold and tempermental the offshore pelagic species are not available and the weather does not permit many days to truly enjoy the water. Everyone I see if talking about the upcoming season and how soon the tuna will show up. While many people have begun taking an inventory for the upcoming fishing season, many people are putting it off and waiting until the last possible minute to take care of things they need to get out on the water when the opportunity presents itself. Putting this process off can lead to unsuccessful trips and frustration on your part.

Taking a little time now, while this fishing is not good, to get those reels cleaned, get that motor tuned up, and order those ballyhoo is a good idea. People generally begin to venture offshore in the month of March and the reports of dolphin, wahoo, and tuna will begin to roll in. The sheepshead fishing out over the reefs will be wide open and the weather patterns will begin to improve and allow more days for fishing. With some planning you will have everything ready to go and you will not be aggravated about having to wait another several days to weeks to be able to go out and jump into the action.

This all seems like common sense, but I am continually amazed each year by people that tell me they missed the first month of good fishing due to not having their boats and/or tackle ready. If you are wondering when the first fish will begin to show up this spring you can go to the fishing report archives on the site and look back at the last 8 years worth of reports and make your own predictions. Just make sure you have completed your inventory and are ready to fish when the opportunity presents itself.

Andy Pickett,