IOP Blacktip 5/6/14

I got to the beach at sunset, put out a line for whiting and had one almost instantly. Put him on the shark rig and launched it about 30 yards out. About 20 minutes later it went off. After a 20 minute fight, I landed this beauty:

I was whooping and hollering and my wife called me a madman, but she took the pictures anyway!

I gleaned a lot of info off this site to build my rig, so I thought I’d pass along what worked for me:

Rod: 9’ Penn Spinfisher - medium action
Reel: Penn Sargus 6000
Main line: Power Pro 80# braid
Leader: 4’ of 300# mono, then 3’ of 180# hard wire
Weight: 4oz sputnik, attached loose to mono leader with a swivel
Hook: Owner 10/0 circle



Nice work Zep ! I can see the adrenaline rush in your face in the photo.

Nice fish! Where did you get the long tail Sputnik weight? I’ve only found the short ones locally.

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Thanks guys! It definitely was an adrenaline rush!

The rod and reel came from Walmart and everything else is from Haddrell’s in Mt. P, including the sputnik weight. I got it about a year ago, though, so I’m not sure if they have any in stock now.

D’OH!! Better start watching my toes!! Beutiful!! Great set-up as well.

Nice one! Looks like you have the beach sharking all figured out.

NICE! I want one too. Thanks for sharing.

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Looks like a nice haywire twist you put on that, very low profile.

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Well done!

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If you do this enough you’ll want to get some of the 300-400lb mono in a larger spool and buy your own crimps. They get beat up and break off a lot during the blacktips jumps if you’re not careful.

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Matt, that haywire twist technique comes from a youth spent mending things around the farm with actual haywire. I’m pretty good with duct tape and spray foam as well.

Stan, thanks for the heads-up. Aside from a few half-hearted attempts last year, I’m just now getting into shark fishing. I know where my money will be going for a while…