Jeremy's Inlet

Is anyone familiar with Jeremy’s Inlet? I am going down to Edisto in a few weeks and was woundering how easy it is to get in and out from this inlet. For years I have used Live Oak Landing and gone out through Big Bay Creek. This time we are staying in a house that is on Scott Creek and it has it’s own dock and ramp. I would like to access the ocean from Jeremy’s Inlet if it is not too much trouble. Anyone with experience in this area can you help me out? My boat is a 20’ center console.

Irish Fisherman

From what I hear the window to get out and then back in is very small.

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On the map we got the mouth shows a 2 foot depth and that is supposed to be at mean low tide. Just inland it doesnt even give a depth so it must be pretty skinny water.

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The boat that I have is a 20’ Mako center console with a 135 Honda.

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Thanks for the advice. I plan to take a long look at what is going on before attempting. Like you say, I may walk down from the park to see the layout before attempting.

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I would heed Edistofisher’s advice. if you don’t get out and get turned or caught up in there trying to come out then it may ruin your week. not worth it unless you know what you are doing. have fun on your trip and catch some fish.

the water is about a foot deep at low tide right now (at the tighest spot).

How far of a walk is it from the state park at edisto to the fishing at jeremys inlet? may attempt the haul this weekend… any help would be awesome, i will have the garden cart to carry all my stuff.

lets see… 1 beer = 15 minutes X 2 = 30 mins:

factor in the heat… 1 beer = 5 mins X 2 = 10 mins:

walking sideways from heat and sweaty beer = 20 mins X 2 = 40 mins///


FWIW, Google Earth says it’s 1.41 miles from the parking lot of the restaurant up to Jeremy Inlet.

Just far enough to be difficult to walk to with all your fishing equipment, etc.

Just trying to learn every bit I can about saltwater fishing…

I would say in 104 degree temp that would be a 12 pack up and a 12 pack back with several waters in between. But being serious, yall be careful in this heat we are going through right now. A cold front is comming in tomorrow with 98 degree temps so wrap your pipes.

23 Hydra sport 225 Yammy

edisto you fish alot out of the state park in the fall

you ever met a man by the name of tom stilp he is my grand father he has been fishing there for many years he use to stay at the camp grounds for the fall and winter now he rents a house he also worked at bell bouy