Jugbelly redfish

Cut crab on bottom near moving water has been productive this week.


Good going 23,I see you’re fishing up by my old hunting club. I betcha ole P is jealous.haha

That’s a beautiful fish Ricky!! Nice Job!! I’m hoping to encourage the wife to go with me tomorrow for some stress relief. Been a long week. Gonna find out if the T top will fit under the Asheepoo Bridge off 17 instead of running all the way to Bennits Point. You quarter or halve crab?

You ever fish that no rules tournament they have every june out of B&B at Bennits point?

Good times

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Legal crab size, you should quarter them. Small strong owner hooks to get through the shell but not damage it so the bait falls off. They are starting to come up in the little creeks looking for food. Several overslot fish around me lately.

Fred, get away for a while and enjoy some quality time with your wife. It does a mind good. Thinking about you guys.

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Sail, how you taking that heat, my friendly???

Dang man, that’s a fattie. Great color.

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That’s in the backyard. Dfreedom knows. I put the rod in the holder and sip on sweet tea as needed. I just pick it up when it starts peeling drag.

Do we count that as one spot or two?

That’s a one spot in the “By The Numbers” tourney. The only tournament that I actually looked forward to! Hope Haddrells would step up and do something similar but apparently they don’t see the need or something…

Anyway, that’s a good yard fish! Pea will be along soon to make a comment on the scruff though, if he hasn’t texted you already that is…

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Sweet tea, sweet fishing(umbrella I hope?).

nice catch man!

I have an air conditioned house about 100’ away…so only bust out the umbrella on the really really hot days.

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And @peapad loves my beard as much as he loves Remi the wonderpup. Even if he can’t admit it.

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I got to get down there soon before you catch them all.

Bwang says they’ll be eating like this for the next month. And he’s way smarter than I’ll ever be! You got some time.

Fall fishing is my favorite.

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Is this better Easy?

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THAT and a cooler of beer, that’ll be me.

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I’ll check with my boy and see what his schedule is coming up Ricky.