Just say no to politics and anything to do with it on OFF TOPIC

This you?

Come on bolbie. You may have to explain your earlier take on it. I’ll not argue the vaccine with you personally any longer. You believe it is great, I believe it is B.S. At this point in time I think the B.S. side is more in favor than those pushing the vaccine.

Do you remember how hard you were on me about taking it and also everyone else. You specifically told us all to get our head our of our ass and be a real man and get the vaccine. I’m a real man and my heads out of my ass, and I WILL not get a covid vaccine. Ever.

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I’m still scratching my head as to why you begin a topic , requesting that politics be LEFT OUT, then your next sentence says…… I know we will never leave politics out of most any thread.

You sir seem confused, and this is a perfect example. This kind of crap is endless, and like MN said, there’s folks moving from the politics forum , playing games and skirting the rules. They know who they are.

It’s clear you’ll remain on this sinking ship, this site is flawed, and the petulant bantering back and forth makes one wonder, do y’all have anything else better to do? Good luck!

Bolbie your proving my point. Even you can not get away from politics. take the title with a tad bit of sarcasm. That is the whole point, Politics is in most everything sooner or later. Now that it’s hidden from most It will leak out even more. Remember when Andy would actually moderate and move unrelated things around or flat out poof them when they got too offensive or out of hand? Some really good memories involving this site. as for bantering back and forth. If you’ll look over the past few months You are the only one I’ve bantered much with over differing ideas, all other banter is with like minded members. I know how to rile and piss you off, just as you do me. But fortunately we haven’t stooped back to that level recently.

The biggest thing right now is no matter how decent or sincere you try to be we have flat out trolls that will not allow it. Argue for them but it doesn’t change things and moving Politcs will not stop it. You know this just as everyone else does.

You Fred, are an ACCEPTED MEMBER here, NOT a guest.

Guests walk on eggshells to a certain degree, you shouldn’t have to be so careful due to vulgar members, THEY should be walking on shells???

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You’d think… LOL… I think it is just silly so many got there draws in a wad over the Political forum. We all know Admin’s lack of enthusiasm over a couple of trolls that needed to be moderated or deleted is the biggest thorn in this Site’s side. Other than easier Platforms to post social media on. Politics aside. Keep em coming BAY!!!

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Certainly is just silly, especially when it is THE most active forum BY FAR???

Almost all forums are dead, so they should be happy for the VERY active forum.

Not so fast Robert All those that RBF ran off are coming back

Nice to see you back NB!

Keep in touch.

Another old thread brought back???