Just say no to politics and anything to do with it on OFF TOPIC

No politics on off topic please people!!! … Off topic is only for anything not relating to fishing, and we all know Politics has everything to do with fishing.

All that aside, I sincerely hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!!! The drama over the Political forum is just crazy. It shouldn’t be such an issue now. But it will be without a mediator on this sight to actually correct offensive matter and dismiss corruptive members. Some say that the Political forum was the death of this sight, but I say B.S. The death of this sight was the future and other sources of social media and too slow a push to modernize the place. I remember many threads getting “poofed” by Andy, can’t say when I last saw a thread deleted. Just move to another place on a whim.

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Bruh, you’re telling the few around here to leave politics out of the off topic, then freaking thank Bay for biased Covid19 information?
No wonder there’s only 10 people on here voting for some nonsense regarding RBF.

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Bolbie, I don’t see the covid vaccine as politics. That sir is science. Ok I understand that Politics did the fearmongering to our population and lied about what the Vaccine was capable of doing. But now this information is regarding mankind’s health and safety. I know you took the vaccine and encouraged me (kind of meanly if I speak the truth) to do so as well. I’ve now got herd immunity from contracting it as Science at first said was the best way to fight off covid. thanks for the civil conversation. Did the Horse show go well?

Actually I know we will never leave all the politics out of most any thread. Was nice when Andy would moderate and move a thread to Politics when it got too carried away or simply “poof” it. As for voting… I think that was ridiculous. It is an issue that has festered for too long and no vote should be necessary IMO to see a deranged Troll removed. But this is not my sight I’m just a guest here.

It’s Sunday, so maybe natureboy will go to Church and fake pray for RBF…

I agree Fred. Public saftey should not be politicized Unlike Robbie I do not trust the science especially if it’s coming from a politician , the Guardian it someone like Fauci that is only looking to line his pockets Or someone like Gore that is still preaching global climate change when not one prediction has come true . ( interesting how he claims that local weather is not climate but uses local to prove CC ) But he will still sell you a carbon offset

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Flag yourself natureboy for being a hypocritical violator of site rules…

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Yep! Time to remove all Political posts!

Nothing good comes from them.

Just long winded bantering!

Let’s keep this a fishing “sight”!

The guys moving from the Politics Forum, to the Off Topic, are just playing games, and skirting the rules!

They know who they are!

Stop it!

MN is calling y’all out too!

I see Natureboy coming across as a big wheel, dogs pee on wheels!

WOOF! :rofl:

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What? You just posted a request to leave politics out, then your post starts off saying …. “ I know we will never leave all the politics out of most any thread.”

Bruh, you sure you’re getting enough oxygen to your brain? Seriously

Yeah, there is, and always has been, an electrical conductivity problem in his noggin…

But you received the Covid19 vaccine, correct ?

Yes many veterans were threatened with loss of benefits if we didn’t. I flatly refused the VA demand to get a booster . It’s clear to see the vaccine is In effective. I contracted Covid about 4weeks after the vax. And now we find out that the vax is still experimental.

I accomplished my mission to get a trouble maker punished. And I’m close again!

I’ll be reincarnated in the blink of an eye… You’ll start a game of Whac-A-Mole that you’ll never win…

Bolbie in Natureboys defense, Yes many Vets were feared into the vaccine. My primary care doctor even told me that if I don’t get the vaccine I could possibly be refused VA care. I almost caved. You got to admit there was and is a lot of fear mongering over a vaccine proven ineffective. and by ineffective I would say having a 20% less chance of getting it after the 3rd booster ineffective.

And rather than me bringing up politics, look to yourself brother. Plenty of oxygen!! just came in from a good bare foot short pants walk with the dogs. brisk baby!

Fred. I missed 2appointments to get the vax then I received a call with the loss of benefits threat. I was told that my care could stop if I didn’t show up. And as I have told everyone. My primary care Dr sent me to get the test. Come to find out the test was for any type of flu. In the follow up after when I tested negative and finally saw my VA dr I asked if he had treated any common flu illness. He said ZERO. There is no money in treating common flu. Then I was pushed by the VA again to get boosted. I never did

The vaccine was not designed to stop the virus dead in its tracks, it was meant to keep you out of ICU, and from being on a ventilator.

February 2022

The Department of Veterans Affairs topped 20,000 deaths connected to COVID-19 on Tuesday, just a few weeks before the two-year anniversary of the first pandemic case within the department.

The totals equate to about 28 deaths a day from the virus over the last 23 months.

The Louis Stokes VA Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio, has seen the most deaths of any facility, with 447 known deaths. Seven other department hospitals in Arizona, Minnesota, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina and Texas have seen 300 or more deaths connected to COVID-19.

More than 77.5 million Americans have contracted coronavirus in the last two years, and nearly 917,000 (about 1.2 percent) have died because of respiratory and circulation problems resulting from the infection.

That is not what we were told during the push to get vaxed. We were told by the VA ( WOAT government) that this would protect us from infection and slow the spread. As far as minimizing the effects. I find that to be more gov bull crap. I can’t ever remember being sicker in my life. I really thought that I was near death.

Robbie. Not trying to be argumentative with you but the VA Hospitals in S C did not treat covid. Anyone presenting with covid symptoms was sent home or to MUSC The same was true at the Dorn hospital in Columbia SC If they thought you had covid you couldn’t get thru the door. They turned me away.

In my case the VA quickly sent me all manner of puffer type airway products and called me often to check