Keeper BSBs at the 40

You read that correctly Sportsfans.

We ran into a mess of BSBs that were over 13 today, with the biggest being 15. I don’t think I’ve ever used the words Black Sea Bass and 15 in a sentence before. We probably caught 80, with at least half of them being 12 inches +. As a nearshore fishermen with a lifetime achievement award for releasing 100,000 BSBs, it was nice to actually keep a few.

We also caught three Triggers, a couple of Weakfish, largest (18), 1 ARS and 1 Grouper. My nephew also got onto a Bull Red, which measured up at 36.

Back at it tomorrow.


Glade you had had good day EB40.

Follow up report November 19.
Conditions fell apart early, and it was too rough to make it past the first green can, so we retreated to the mouth of the S. Edisto and tried to make a go of it. All we could manage was one pissed off Sharpnose and a Stingray. Smoked a couple of Backwoods (Honey Bourbon) and headed back in.

No whiting at the can?

Wind was gusting to 25 and waves were 3X3. Couldnt stay anchored long enough to say.

Sounds like a dang good day. Funny post!