Late post for 11/12 June

So it was two weeks since I was last out as I had Drills on the 4th and 5th so the wife and I got to the IOP at around 9 Saturday morning. There was a slight breeze and the waves were small. The beach has changed a little since before the last storm but still decent troughs. About an hour and a half into the incoming this 30 inch red hit my finger mullet.

Pretty much all I had all day, a couple of good hits on shrimp but no takers. Then the tide came in, wind picked up ( it had changed direction multiple times through out the day mainly coming from the West) and the waves got bigger and closer together. We left the beach around 1630.
Sunday, we showed up same time, at 0900, but much windier from S-SE with the current running North. Waves were larger but far enough apart they were manageable. Had a couple of small shark pups hit after a couple of hours. After resetting I noticed the tip of my 11" Emcast was just pointing toward the water so walked over to it to se what was up. Now mind you the wind was blowing…maybe 10kts so hearing the spool was nearly impossible, as I got within 5 feet of the rod I could hear the reel screaming…had to be a shark. Turns out it was another Black Tip 4 to 5 foot, and just as I got him into where the waves were breaking my line broke and he went straight back out. So put the rod in the cart licked my wounds and tended my Pursuit II and had a Black Drum on. All in all a decent day, 2 shark pups, an adult Black Tip, Black Drum and a small whiting.

Walkman great report ,thanks for sharing your experience. Those blacktip are masters at causing havoc and getting off rigs, you will get him next time. Where did he break the line, was it the liter or main line, and what lb test were you using? Nice fishing too, SUMMER REDS in the surf. I remember when I first started hunting reds the guys at the tackle shop told me that it needed to be Fall to catch reds in the surf, that it was rare to land them in the summer. Yea right, good job my friend, and thank you for your serving our country, Sir :sunglasses:

I had my normal leader on with the 41# top shot…broke my main line not far from the knot. I could see about 10 ft of the top shot out of the surf. Hindsight is , I should have walked out and reeled in the line until I had several wraps of the top shot on the spool and I probably would have had him. my main line was 30# braid. I would think that from the reading on Red Drum that I have done blue crab would work well right now also, but if your hungry you wouldn’t pass up a free meal.