Lemon & Tiger Recapture

Went out with Mike P, Eddy and Mike S last night, I landed my first lemon ( 96-97" ) on the Mak 50 ( wish it was on the 15 - but oh well ) - and Mike P landed a tiger that Chris Miller and myself had actually caught and tagged on June 25.
Pretty cool to catch one of your previous fish. He was initially caught at Seabrook, and this time at Edisto. Both times caught on ray.

(Dan ) https://www.facebook.com/RequiemFishing

Nice! How far do you paddle out baits?

Those were both short drops. Less than 100 yards.

(Dan ) https://www.facebook.com/RequiemFishing

Nice work Dan , Very good night for you guys two big sharks must have been fun. I had the good fortune of bagging what I think was a 6 ft lemon on sat at dusk on 30 lb spinning gear what are the identifiers for the lemons and did your lemon run allot my shark didnt he felt like I was reeling in a tree trunk turned sideways in the surf. Congrats to you folks.

I actually wrote up my experience with a lemon I caught a few weeks ago, but to sum it up. The clicker on my 80w went nuts and I thought I had a big fish on, but for like 99.5% of the fight, I thought I pulled the bait. There were a few brief moments I felt either some weight or change in direction, but nothing that led me to believe it was anything more than maybe a really small blacktip or something. I was a little disappointed, because I had used a 10lb cownose midsection, which obviously is a huge bait intended for a huge fish.

Here is a link to the article with pictures: http://www.requiemfishing.com/happyfindependenceday/

~ Pop from Requiem Fishing