Looking for a pair of Canaries

Anyone know where I may find a pair close by(walterboro)? I’ve seen some around Atlanta and Greenville, but none close by.

I mean this with all sincerity…say what?

LOL. You ever hear them sing? Wife wants a pair and her birthday is coming up. She loves birds.

Well there you go. No pet shops in the Charleston/Savannah area?

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Define close by? You going to Chucktown!

I have nothing constructive to add to this thread.

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I was thinking about getting me a canary.You know in case I go to that mine with EF .

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Lmao! Dude trip! I’m in!

Since when are we constructive?

My in-laws have a pair but they’ve never nested. My only request is not to have them close to the bedroom. Sometimes I do enjoy a little sleep in on Sunday morning. I had to make her move her Diamond Doves they got too loud. Sound like a didgeridoo.

Thanks bay, but I dont’ think they have any instock. But I will call when they open. The store in Beaufort said none in S.C.

Close by for me would not be much past Columbia. But if I can’t find a pair around here I have located some in the Greenville area. A lady in Augusta had some but is sold out.

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Let me know if you goose egg on bird hunting, I have a connection to Pet Smart that owes me a favor but it’s gonna cost you 1 fried pork chop

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Where are the birds in Greenville? I’m heading to IOP in the morning. Not sure if I can pull it off, but I’ll try?

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I’ll let you come to the house and trap some painted buntings for 2 fried pork chops.

They come to the bird bath on the regular.


Wow, I really appreciate that one! But, this is something I want to pick out personally.

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My mom’s big into bird watching and feeding. You name the specialty feeds and she’s got it out. I’m guessing it was 40 or more years ago when we had our first painted Bunting, Mom was probably close to peeing her pants from excitement. The Males are some beautiful birds!!

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We were in petsmart tonight. No canaries, but they did have some sort of $700 parrot. So there’s that.

you got to watch getting a parrot, at my age the thing could out live me. They can be pretty cool though. The canaries are already a little pricey at $150-300. That’s cool you have painted buntings, I’ve only seen a couple here and not too many over at Mom’s and she’s just couple of stone’s throws away.

Thanks for looking!

didn’t get a pair, but I’ve got one donated to me… Not sure male or female. Got to do some research.

I think there is a lady in Kellers flea market down in Savanah that may have some.

You have to get him/her/they a friend or it will be lonely.

That’s what the wife has told me!! She has it next to her Diamond doves to keep it company.

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