Looking for fluke

Where is a good spot to go fishing for flounder? Just moved here not to long ago.

You can catch them at the mount pleasant pier, around the rocks at Sullivan’s island close to Fort Moultrie or breach inlet, the battery downtown but its best by the yacht club in the sandy corner and the Shem creek pier. All these are easy areas to fish from land and good chance of catching a flounder/fluke. Here live bait like finger mullet or mud minnows are go to baits on Carolina rigs or popping corks depending the area. Other small live fish and cut fish strips will work also, some people catch them on gulps with jigs, swimming flukes/ shads and paddle tales and buck tails. Find a good area like the down current side of rocks and just jig the bottom, cover ground. Let us know how it goes, people never do follow up reports.

Ok thank you. Trying to get out more and fish.

Richard Owens