Loop Knots

Over the past several years, I have become really interested in (addicted to) top-water fishing for trout and redfish. Many years ago I fished for some species around the jetties and offshore using top-water poppers, but had only fished here in there for inshore species. I have been steady at it for several years now and not until recently did I remember a handy knot that I used to tie when fishing with sinking baits, like Mirro-Lures. The loop knot is a very simple knot that allows a wobbling bait or a top-water bait to move more freely and have a better action. Ive tried a few different ones and everyone has their favorite knots. I tend to stick to the ones that are easy to remember and hold up well. I have found this Non-slip Loop Knot to be very easy because it basically combines a basic overhand knot with an improved clinch. http://www.proknot.com/html/non_slip_mono_loop.htmlhttp://www.proknot.com/html/non_slip_mono_loop.html It is quick easy and Ive yet to have it fail on some very nice fish. I am by no means saying this is the best loop knot you may find others that work for you just as well or even better. I am saying that a loop knot can make fishing certain types of lures, especially ones of the top-water varieties much more effective and easier. You will find you do not have to work as hard to get the desired action out of your lures.

Andy Pickett
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