Mad 2017

We ventured out with the Mad organization on Saturday for some surf fishing with the troops. The conditions were rough and challenging to say the least. The front of the island was very angry, but it’s what mother nature gave us, so we worked with what we had. It was cold and the wind was powerful and blowing hard, but we gave it our all and tried our best to put the troops on some fish. The bite was very slow, but at the end of the day 7 reds were landed and the sharpnose sharks saved the day allowing most all soldiers the opportunity to reel in some fish. I’m not sure exactly how many sharks were landed, but it was a fair amount, and the soliders were fascinated by them and enjoyed reeling them in. The organization was top notch and took great care of us. They fed us some killer fish stew and red rice on Friday, and the folks from Pioneer put out a fantastic low country boil on Saturday after the event. Those cats can really cook some delicious food. A band provided live entertainment for troops and Rivers Edge Marina was kind enough to allow the event to be held at their place. The good folks from Haddrels and Palmetto State Armory supplied some great prizes for the raffle for the troops. A special thanks to Captain Howie from Adventure Harbor Tours, he got us there safe in some pretty nasty conditions. Gene, the president had a bunch of American flags flown around the world in a C-17 by our pilots, and they were won by some very lucky captains and given to them out of appreciation.
The troops were phenomenal and very thankful. Smiles tell the story and are are what we work for. They sacrifice for us and literally put their lives on the line for our great country on a daily basis. We as people must alway’s remember to show them love and appreciation for what they have done for us, and for what they will be called upon to do for us in the future. Let them know we care for them. Shake a hand, buy them a beer, cook them a burger, or take them fishing. Many way’s to show them that we love them . Take car

Anyone else got any Pics they want to share:smiley:

Agree 100% Pete. This a great event, with great folks for the best guys and gals. All my guys reeled in fish and had a great time regardless of the brutal weather conditions. Definitely worth the time and effort and looking forward to next years event.

We had one big Red spit the hook 20’ from being landed…“The one that got away” This fish almost pulled Hector over when I passed the rod. Good times!

I#65039; had a great time out there. It was a tough day, but thankfully the captains and I#65039; were able to get some fish to bite. Here are the photos I#65039; got of my troops
And one of cofc giving a shark a #128536;

What an awesome day it was. Thank you Pete for giving me the opportunity to do this. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I know the troops that were with me enjoyed themselfs too. Thank you to all the captains that I met. I look forward to next years event.

Great to see fellow Captains here we all did it again! Lucky to be part of this event. The troops really enjoy the time rough current and wind didn’t stop us from enjoying the surf. For fellows like to see some pictures from MAD Event here’s the link to there facebook page: #chsmad2017

Great report guys! Thanks for sharing. Looks like a fun time was had by all.

Jack Taylor

Thank you Sir:smiley:

you guys were the “bravest of brave” for standing out in that wind all day. thank you pete and david for your help organizing the surf captains.

Gene Morrison
Military Appreciation Day, Inc
Charleston Chapter Pres.

Late reply, but really enjoyed being a part of this event last weekend. Hope to be able to help out next year!

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