MAD Chas 2021 take the Troops fishing

MAD Chas is hosting our 7th event Oct 8 - 9 at Rivers Edge Marina.

We need anglers to take a couple of ACTIVE DUTY Troops out for a day on the water.

We also need ACTIVE DUTY Troops that would like to participate.

signup and more information at:

or visit out facebook page

This is a great event for everyone involved. The military needs our support now more than ever.

If I was in town, I’d be there, but we’ll be in Yankee territory.

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Ron DeSantis (@GovRonDeSantis) Tweeted:
This Saturday, during Labor Day weekend, no license is required to saltwater fish. All Floridians and visitors can take advantage of license-free fishing days and experience why Florida is the Sportfishing Capital of the World!

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I would like to get in on this. But I have never fished Charleston and don’t have time to get down and pre-fish and try to figure it out.
If someone were to turn me on to some spots or want to ride along I’d be all in. Don’t want to take the guys or gales out and have a half-ass day…
George if an Old Navy dude could tolerate being on a boat with a marine for a day. I would love to have you if you’re not putting your boat in.

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George McDonald US Navy Seabees,Retired, MAD, Charleston Chapter [

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First mate co-captain someone knows the area.

You find things offensive. I find things funny. That's why I'm happier than you.

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