MAD fishing event with the soldiers 2018

Hello to all. The MAD event will be held October 13 this year. For those that don’t know about it I will fill you in. It is a fishing event that is put on by the MAD organization. MAD is short for military appreciation day. What they do is pair up fishermen and women with active duty service members for a day of fun. It is just a means of letting our soldiers know that we appreciate and care for them. The soliders take care of us, and it is an excellent opportunity for us to give a little back, shake their hands, and take them fishing. We are looking for some surf fishermen and pier fishermen and women that are interested in helping out to give us a hand. What happpens is the fishermen are paired up with some soliders and we take them fishing. It’s that simple. The pier fishermen take them to their favorite spot and do their best to show them a good time. The surf fishermen all board a ferry boat together with the soldiers and are transported to beautiful Morris Island and work together as a team. We are responsible for having everything we need to take them for a day of fishing. We fish all day and the boat returns to pick all of us up later that afternoon. It is a blast. After fishing the folks from MAD host a killer dinner with live entertainment for all that want to attend at Rivers Edge Marina.The soliders are truely appreciative and have a great time. Some of them have never been fishing before and it is a blessing to have the opportunity to try to put them on a a few fish. Not looking for rock stars just reliable folks with a good attitude. All are welcome. If anyone is interested in participating or just has some questions about the event shoot me a pm. More information about the event can be found on the forum under tournaments and community events. Look under Marshwabbits post Mad 2018. Hope to sling some bait with you folks. It will be fall and the Bull Reds will hopefully be running:smiley: God bless to all and take care.

Great post Pete , hoping for a hugh turn out , I gotta add we’re also looking for boat fishermen/ladies to volunteer also !!! :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

George McDonald
US Navy Seabees,Retired,
MAD, Charleston Chapter

When you see “Old Glory” waving in the breeze, know that it is the dying breaths of our fallen hero’s that makes it wave.
author unknown

Looking forward for this years event Pete , Here’s a some picture on my file from last year

Me too Werson:smiley: Hopefully fish show, we are heading out a month earlier. I’m also hoping the bait run goes well, I got lucky last year. Going to be a small crew but we will get it done:smiley:

Hey Pete. I’m in again this year.

Harry Johnson

Fantastic Harry that is great news :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:We are going to give it our best shot.

Last call for anyone wanting to join this trip. We have had a push of new soldiers signing up and event is growing. We are in need of another surf fisherman or two to take them out for some fun. If anyone is interested in finding out more about it. Leave a post here, or Private message me. Trip is allot of fun. Fishermen and soldiers board a huge ferry boat together and are dropped off on beautiful Morris Island for a day of surf fishing. Nice party and BBQ dinner afterwards with live music for those that wish to attend. All are welcome new and old members alike. Not looking for rock stars just responsible folks that want to put some solders on some fish. Just a way to show these men and women we appreciate them. Bull reds running this time of the year and opportunity to catch one is good.

A member named Justin signed up. I tried to call you just to confirm you are going but number didn’t work. If you see this message just PM me so we can get you paired up with some soldiers. Thank you.

Wow crazy to see everyone dressed up like it’s freezing out when it’s burning hot out there around the same time of year. Let me talk it over with the wife and make sure I’ve got nothing to do that day and I may join let you know soon.

If you can Steveo that would be fantastic. If not we understand. I don’t ever want anyone to feel pressured to do this event. I realize you have a neck issue and hopefully all is well but if you can pull it off it would be really nice meeting you and I’m sure the rest of the boy’s would enjoy that as well. The soldiers are phenomenal and really appreciate it. Allot of them have never been fishing before and if they get lucky enough to get on a bull red the smiles, shock and gratification they show is a humbling experience. I do this every year with the MAD group and it really helps me keep things in perspective. It is mind bogglingly humbling. That last event was held mid November and the wind was howling and it was very cold. It was a tough day of fishing. So far we have pulled some nice fish off the island but they were tough to get but we have gotten the job done each year. I hope that the fish show but it’s fishing and we do our best. I have seen the applications and allot of the soldiers Men and women alike are requesting to go on the surf trip. That makes me happy to think that they are enjoying themselves which is what it’s all about. The folks from MAD Charleston chapter have taken out hundreds of some of the best folks you will ever meet. We have been instructed to not bring surf carts to maximize boots on the ground. I’m rolling with a back pack and gear, spikes and rods and a small cooler that can be carried by one person that has a strap to go over the shoulder. We literally have an army to help with carrying our stuff so it can be done:smiley: I will try to round up allot of fresh bait two days before the event but can’t promise I will be successful. I have no boat. Really appreciate your interest and thank you.

Practiced again this afternoon. Was able to yank a few fish lips.
I’m ready for this years MAD event. And I will agree with Pete, it’s a great feeling seeing those young, some older, service Men and Women have a great day reeling in fish on the beach.
The weather should be much nicer than past trips. And I have a hunch the big red girls will be there as well.

I am really upset I am going to be missing this one. One of my favorite times of the year. Ill be there in spirit for sure and Ill be back next year.

We going to miss you shoes Papa:smiley: We get um next year buddy.

See you all at the Captains Meeting Friday Evening 10/12/18

I did a bait run and could muster up plenty of really small mullet the size of a mud minnow. They were rolling out by the rocks at breach inlet. I will try again tomorrow at a different spot to see if I can find bigger ones in the morning, but I wouldn’t count on it happening. For those that want bigger mullet they will need to buy frozen or catch them themselves. I think fresh shrimp is still being sold around so using those to catch bait fish like blues and whiting is also an option. I do have a one gallon bag about one third full for all the captains participating, but again they are small mullet. It was the best I could do. Probably threw the cast net 50 times. If folks have a cast net they can also try off the island to catch mullet. Gear up and get organized. The boat is full. We have been asked to back pack gear in and leave the surf carts at home. We have plenty of soldiers to help with carrying stuff. Pack wisely and just bring what you need. If anyone wants to join the surf trip taking out the soldiers fishing they can still do so, just pm me and I will give you set up. It’s giving up just one Saturday out of the whole year to take a solider fishing. I hope and pray the fish will be out. We will do our best and if they are, we will find them. God bless and good luck:smiley:

Good luck this day gentlemen!!! May the red fish be biting!

Have a great time and can’t wait to see pictures.