SC Senate Bill 1386 authored by Senators Chip Campsen, Yancey McGill and John Land


House Bill 4842 authored by Representatives Jeff Duncan and Mike Pitts

PROVES THAT OUR STATE LEADERS WANT TO HELP US. Let your elected officials know about this so they can join as co-sponsors of the bills!

(the two bills say the same thing, but allow both Senators and House Members can add their names as sponsors with the two versions)

Just find your legislator in the House and Senate here and

And tell them something like this:

Dear Senator/Representative,

Our state’s ranked #5 in the country for non-resident recreational fishing destinations, and these tourists spend $370 MILLION PER YEAR SOLEY ON SPORT FISHING when they come. How much more money goes to one of South Carolina’s most important industries, tourism, because of this?

Recreational anglers spend $1.5 BILLION a year directly on RECREATIONAL FISHING activities in South Carolina. How much of these impacts are primarily on our state’s small businesses?

Recreational fishing matters to more than just recreational anglers, and if it matters to you too, please help by co-sponsoring H. 4842 and S. 1386.

It’d be sad to have forgotten everyone who is truly affected by the estimated $1.5 billion expenditure per year shown by an American Sportfishing Association study. It’d be even sadder to allow our state’s heritage of recreational fishing and successful management of our public resources be eroded away as we take it for granted.

The pity would extend beyond recreational anglers to:
Boat and tackle manufacturers,
boat service,
tackle stores,
parts stores,
boat supply stores,
SCUBA shops,
websites and magazines,
boat sales,
insurance agencies,
boat surveyors,
charter services,
guide services,
boat yards,
hardware stores,
and more!

The pity would even be for our Department of Natural Resources and numerous private organizations that have constantly worked together to ensure conservation and enhancement of our fisheries.

Now, the time has come to also ensure conservation of our state’s outdoor recreation heritage and the small businesses that depend upon it. I have recognized this as I became a supporter of the Recreational Fishing Alliance and others who fight for this cause.

This is

Phin, don’t know ya, but you sure do stay on top of fishing regs and rights! Thanks for all the info you have posted

The democracy will cease to exist
when you take away from those
who are willing to work and give to those who would not.

Thomas Jefferson

Sent Larry Grooms and Patsy Knight

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We’ve got to matter to these folks or we’ll all suffer.
You’ve got to MAKE YOURSELF COUNT for every $$$ spent for what we enjoy doing. Not just as a vote but as value to our state’s economy and heritage that people easily forget about when so many other issues are in the spotlight.

These folks are much closer to us than our guys in D.C. If our D.C. guys see that our state guys and women care enough about us, they’ll care too and fight for us up there against special interests that want to do their own thing with our waters and our access to fish!
Luke 8:22-25

kudos. Phin for mayor!!!

I don’t need the kudos as badly as anybody who has asked their senator or rep to co-sponsor. I just want everybody to stand up for their passion and see who hears you. It’s the American way reelly.
Luke 8:22-25

we need everyones support on this

I’m now at

How about making SC a right to Hunt and Fish state ?

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Bravo 1

Stand up my men.

Great info and letter there Phin, sent out to 50 others as well.

Russ B.
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Thanks Phin, I will be in contact with my people next week.

“This is a big f— deal,” -Your Vice President

Phin has made sending your senators and reps a very well written and compelling message very easy. Take 10 minutes of your day and do it.

Do you want to have to look your children and/or grandchildren in the eye knowing that their rights to fish have been trampled on and you did not do anything to stop it??

It’s time to knuckle up!

just sent this to my reps.

Thanks for your hard work Phin!

The e-mail link is not working at the moment, as soon as it is, it will be done.

Originally posted by fossileyes

How about making SC a right to Hunt and Fish state ?

74 Sea Ray 240
05 Mercruiser 496/375
Bravo 1

There will be a SC Constitutional Amendment on the ballot Nov. 2, 2010. VOTE YES IF YOU CARE TO HUNT OR FISH.

But even if you still have a right to fish… the federal government will still be restricting away-</font id=“red”> taking away your rights and giving monopolies on resources to others. That is why these bill’s I’ve posted about on this thread are so important. They need supporters not to just get passed by the legislature. They need co-sponsors to get the message across about what’s happening while nobody is noticing!

We can’t fight against special interests’ money. We can’t fight distorted ideology and fanatacism either. We can fight the way our country was built for us to fight, however. From the people up. From our local and state leaders up. If Congress and the President see polls numbers change because of people caring about recreational fishing and its value to our economy, they will make us a priority. They cannot help but do so.

Please trust me that you make a difference by contacting your state leaders. Their staff will relay your messages to them. They are there for you, and they do respond when it’s the right thing. You can’t help but see how this is the right thing. So DO IT!
Luke 8:22-25

The statehouse www site is having problems. I’ll report back when I see it working again.

Edit: seems to be working okay now.
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this is the response I got from our rep

"Dear Mr. ver Berg,
Thank you for your email. I, too, am very concerned about the effect of federal fishing regulations on both our local fisherman and on recreational fishing. You are correct in stating that, by and large, fisherman are going to police themselves on this issue because they know that they need fish to earn their livelihood or enjoy their sport.

I will take a good look at H. 4842, and hope you will stay in touch. Anne

Rep. Anne Peterson Hutto
District 115 (Charleston County)"

I’m now at

Awaiting reply.

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Thanks. Keep it up!
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