May surf fishing trip

I went on a low budget rough it fishing trip with a few friends and the mission was a shark over ten ft. We fished a lot of different beaches in Northeast Florida and action was slow for the most part. We went as far south as Flagler and I did lose a monster down south but over all the action wasn’t what we were looking for. We decided to cut the trip short and head back north. Back in SC the whiting bite is red hot and the sharks and Ray’s are showing up. Fresh shrimp and working the food chain has produced some nice fish. The sharpnose are around in almost annoying numbers if your trying to catch something else. We all fished hard from Monday to Friday day and night besides travel and set up. We had some fishless days and nights and we all had our issues, fatigue, sunburn, stinky trucks, rough surf, one day was 5 to 7 and two days it was 3 to 5 ft waves so we didn’t get to fish where we wanted on some days because those spots where 7 to 10 ft waves and 5 to 7 with double digits winds was enough for us to know we didn’t want any part of that. Moral and motivations stayed strong and there were little to no complaints of the trip being less productive then we wanted but we’re all experienced enough to know that’s part of the game. But we made the best of it and covered a lot of ground and different spots and it was cool to explore all the islands we did. Friday was the last day to make it happen, so after several nights sleeping on the sand and in the cars and days of fishing we hadsore sun burnt bodies and hands that feel worn and raw from pulling carts and paddling we pushed north with good spirits and determination. The group split around the Florida Georgia line and one of us stayed in Florida and fished with some new friends to fish it one more night and my buddy and I came north to see what we could produce with thoughts that our experience and knowledge of our area would make the difference. Saturday morning the trip would be over and at 4 am in the morning on Saturd

Wow that’s awesome

Sounds like y’all had a blast what an adventure.

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