Meet & Fish/Cookout - Sat Sept 14 at Buck Hall

We are going to have the Meet and Fish this Saturday, Sept. 14 at Buck Hall Landing at 8:00 AM. There is a $5 fee to enter the facility.

The plan is to launch and fish in the morning, and come back to the landing and having a cookout at the picnic area around 2PM that afternoon… J.P. and I will be bringing the basics (burgers/dogs/brats) and we’ll have some coolers there.

It would be great to get a head-count so we can make sure we’ll have enough food. Post in this thread if you plan to attend.

Also list what you can bring - side items, desserts, drinks would be appreciated. Thanks… :smiley:

All are welcome to attend - remember, there is a fee to enter Buck Hall ($5) that you leave in a drop-box at the entrance.

Directions to Buck Hall: From Charleston, South Carolina, take U.S. Highway 17 north to Buck Hall Landing Road (Forest Road 242). Turn right into the recreation area.

We look forward to seeing you this Saturday…

Count me in plus 1.

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Count me in.
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L.D. Kramer

I’ll bring a 6’ table, charcoal (grills on site) plates, forks, grilling utensils, and beer brats. I’ll also bring a large marine cooler and about 40 pounds of ice incase anyone needs to put something on ice while we fish. This should be a good time. Hopefully, we have a good turnout.

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I will be bringing burgers, hotdogs, and condiments. I’ll have a cooler there as well…

I will bring chips-n-salsa ect… and a couple of 24 packs of water and some BIG trash bags for clean up. TD

I wish I could make it! I work this weekend but took leave for saturday to go to the Lt Dan Band concert.

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I can bring some soda and iced tea. Any info on # of people attending would be helpful. cell-757-729-1984 New to Yaking and being able to see how more experienced folks set theirs up would be beneficial to me. Looking forward to this.

L.D. Kramer

My nephew is having a birthday party this Saturday. I won’t be able to fish, but I would still like to hang out after. I can bring a cooler/w drinks and some Tatar Salad, plates and forks. I’ll try to get there around 1:30p.


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It is shaping up to be a nice gathering…I’m looking forward to it.

I will bring some containers of Cole Slaw + Potato Salad

I also have Four Fishing Rod/accessory Leashes to donate if you wanted to do a small raffle or prizes?

What time in the AM will you be meeting to fish?

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you know Buck Hall will be a ZOO on Saturday. First full day of shrimping season

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No worries Tommy…come out and join us.

Dave - we’ll be meeting at 8:00 AM - see you there…

you know Buck Hall will be a ZOO on Saturday. First full day of shrimping season

Man, you ain’t kidding. Ya’ll don’t get run over by anyone with shrimp fever.

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I may make it out Lewis. Got a ton of stuff on the to do list between now and Saturday

Who’s Ready for a Sleigh Ride?

Wish I could, things are just piling up too fast…DANG! Have Fun!


Count me in!! I’m new on here but I’ll bet I make some friends if I bring cheesecake! Lol looking forward to this.

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Looks like we have about 10 confirmed. There’s a chance I’ll have my extra kayak and gear (paddle, stake out pole etc) available if there is anyone out there who’s interested in giving kayak fishing a try. I’ll know for sure tomorrow. If you’re interested just let me know.

If two wrongs don’t make a right, try three.

I’ll be there for the fishing but I don’t as of yet if I’ll be there for the cookout. See y’all there. :sunglasses:

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Excellent day despite the lack of cooperation from the fish. Great meeting you guys and gal. :smiley: Lets do it again. Enjoyed the show on the boat ramp today also.

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