Mid October Kayak Fishing Hilton Head

Hi locals, just need a few quick pointers. I’ll be in Hilton Head Oct 17-24 and plan to do some yak fishing. I’m an avid kayak angler from Tennessee but haven’t fished for redfish in quite a long time. I’ll be staying at the Barony Beach Club resort so hopefully I can find good water close to there.

What is the difference in areas to fish if I’m fishing a low and rising tide vs a high and falling tide? On higher water should I focus on those windy canals leading into the marshes that I can see from Google Maps or focus on the much larger main canals? I know what lures to use, all I need is a little location advice for falling or rising tides depending on what time of day I go.

I’m targeting redfish and specks and don’t care at all about trophy sized fish, I’d be plenty happy with slot sized fish for the table. Same with trout, so I’m not looking for anyone’s secret trophy waters. I just want to give my drag a good workout and put a few meals on the table while we’re there.

If anyone wants to do some yak fishing during that time and wants a fishing buddy, feel free to hit me up.

Kind of crazy that 152 people have viewed this thread and nobody can offer any advice… I’m not sure I believe that.

I certainly would be willing to help anyone taking a trip to TN and looking to get some fishing in. Hopefully someone can do the same for me here as I take on some adventures into the marshy canals in a few weeks.

PM sent

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