Mono vs. steel

So I tried a little expire net today while out in the harbor today. I’ve always heard that you’ll get more bites using a mono leader vs steel. Of course as we all know mono doesn’t stand a chance against toothy critters. So I tried it out today. I went to a know spot to hold sharks. I used the same bait on both rigs, same setup. Except for one was 150lb mono leader, the other 135lb afw coated steel cable. Not a single bite on the steel, all day action with mono. Landing is a different story only boated two out of the 6 hooked up with today. I’m an avid surf fisherman so I know it’s key to have a steel leader in the surf. So my question is, is having more pick ups worth running the higher risk of losing the fish.

If you’ve got the money to keep replacing leaders, by all means, go for it, but…consider that this sport is under enough attention it can probably handle at the moment with NC and the boy bit at IOP. Pulling in a shark with extra hooks in its mouth onto a crowded beach with uninformed tourorists is going to look bad and will put us on the fast track to banning. Even though you’re sacrificing more hookups, I urge you not to do it, for the sake of all of being able to still fish in the future.

If it were me I would fish mono with circle hooks. Don’t let the fish run too long with the bait and hope it catches the corner of the mouth like it should.

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So local you think that I’m doing this with a lot of people around me? No I usually wait until well into the evening to even consider going fishing. 300lb outrigger line really isn’t that expensive. Plus I’m not always targeting sharks.

No. Not necessarily you. But there are a lot of idiots who do fish during the day time on crowded beaches and if they were to pull a shark on the beach with multiple hooks. I apologize if it sounded like I was directing it towards you, wasn’t my intention.

I don’t think it would matter if you pulled a shark from the surf with one hook or 15 hooks in its mouth. Why do you suppose the amount of hooks in a fish’s mouth would be an issue? I think the bigger issue is not fishing crowded areas where people are in the water and using your head.

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I agree that it shouldnt matter about how many hooks are in the mouth. I just started surf fishing last year and caught my first shark last week. We got out early and rigged up before the beach was populated at all and chose a spot recommended by many locals to fish. As the day approached noon here comes the beach combers… They see our rods yet walk right into the lines. We moved closer to the water with the tides but still had people giving us looks like why are yall fishing here. These are just a few people though and most stop to talk and see what we’re catching. What gets me though are the swimmers. You see im fishing. Why would you want to set up and swim right next to where im casting? When i caught my shark last week i had to send my girlfriend to tell a family of three that set up maybe 20 yards from us to get out of the water as the shark pulled down the shoreline. I try to avoid places where i know a of people swim and get out early to avoid crowds, yet here they come. Sorry i dont have much advice for mono vs steel except i only use steel on my shark rig. Everything else i use between 40-60 lbs mono whether its a carolina rig i set up or a store purchased double drop rig.

I don’t primarily fish for sharks.

That said, I don’t use a steel leader. I have only lost two fish in 2 years of fishing here in the surf.

Also, Im sorry but locals, I don’t think surf fishing is in any danger in the near future. Shark bites are not happening near fishermen as far as I am aware (could be wrong though). People need to be smart about when they swim in the ocean.

Sorry local, it wasn’t a stab at you but I can stand people who target sharks during the summer on crowded beaches.