Moratorium on Keeping Trout

After talking with a number of trout fisherman in the Edisto area and DNR, I wonder if we shouldn’t release all trout for the time being. What are your thoughts?

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Even if the numbers are down, I don’t really see that there is a lot of pressure from fishing in Edisto. I think the trout will take care of themselves. Around Charleston I would have a different opinion but Edisto is not under much pressure from fishing. I release all the ones I catch unless I’m having a cookout on the weekend but I don’t think we ought to make someone on a once in a lifetime trip to Edisto release their trout. I think sometimes that eating the catch can be a big part of the whole experience of catching the fish.

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Only my opinion but I would say turn those big fat girls loose this time of year. I love to eat em but I sure would rather see her hit a top water bait twice and spawn out rather than catch her once and fillet her. I went this am but didn’t catch any trout but I will be back at 5:45 in the am. I fish out of Toogoodo south to ■■■■■■■ and north to Metal Trades and out to Edisto 60 and I have not seen the trout the way this spring like they should be. Of course this is only my opinion,and I’m no expert.

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Marsh-picker, how is the fishing on the toogoodoo, I recently purchased a kayak and work at the piggly wiggly out there and one of the customers told me I should put in at the boat ramp and fish it after work, any suggestions ??

I have seen the fishing pressure in Beaufort jump ten fold in the last 5 years and though I don’t know for sure, but by judging from the internet posts alone, the trout are taking a beating. I keep what I eat that or the next day and release all others. I firmly believe in a slot limit like reds. Florida has been doing it for years (plus they don’t have the cold water die off like do) so I think a slot limit from 14-23" with one in the boat over 23" is a good start.

With as much time as I have spent in the water around Edisto in the last 3 years (4-5 days a week avg.), I can say with absolute certainty trout stocks in the area are way down as compared to the last 2. It reminds me a lot of 2001 when there were very few days you could catch more than a couple. No matter what DNR does, they will recover, but I would love to see if they would recover sooner if DNR would change the regs for at least the remainder of the spawning season. A control is already in place. They did nothing in 2001, and it took 3 years of mild winters to get back to where it should be.

Hurricane, pretty good yak fishing in Toogoodo. Straight across from the landing is a pretty big flat,no real big schools of bass but you could have some fun in there on incoming for spot-tail bass. Bring long pants&socks as the gnats can be rough when the wind quits.

You can’t catch fish on a dry line

i would be all for a tighter trout regulation, the mortality rates from recreational fishing around here a sickening. I agree with Backlash on a maximum size limit and would also like to see a bag limit of 5 per angler. It would be awesome if they could close the season on the full moons too, or atleast have a maximum size limit of around 18" in late april, may, and june to let the fat girls do their dance. The ACE is blessed with way lighter fishing pressure than up in Charleston and the size of the trout reflect it. How can we make this happen?

I agree with Colt. And, Bob and RAD what would be the best way to proceed to affect a change?

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I agree with all of you about the decrease in numbers. I live off the Toogoodoo on Yonges Island and fish the ICW, North and South Edisto, and go as far as Otter Island south and Stono Ferry north. The trout are not here this year. A limit is definitely needed. Look at what the limit did to the redfish population and it only seems to be getting better. (I would like to see a limit on flounder as well). So, what do we do? I am one for giving back to what we are blessed with and for insuring a healthy fish population for my grandchildren, who are already fishing fanatics. 99% of what we catch goes back and believe me, there have been days when we caught fish all day long and every one went back. To us, the thrill is catching. We take photos, measure, and release splashing and kicking. So, a limit is fine with me and I am happy to hear many of you are of like mind. I would be glad to help in any way to see this action come to fruition. Keep us posted, Mike.