Moving to Charleston from NC

Whats up y’all

I just accepted a new job in the Charleston area and will be moving from Carolina Beach, NC down to Charleston in May.

I’ve got to find a place to live and a large part of that decision will be based around my fishing! Luckily, my job does not require me going into an office or really operating on a set schedule. I will be on job sites from Folly Beach up to Mount Pleasant so I can feasibly live anywhere in the area.

Im looking for an area with good access to the water that is somewhat removed from the hustle and bustle of city life. The charts and satellite images of Mount Pleasant and 17N look incredible for inshore fishing, but I hear the traffic and commute in and out of Mount P can be horrible.

How about the West Ashley or James Island area?

My offshore boat will be remaining in Wilmington, so Ill my fishing here will be targeted on redfish, trout and flounder.

Ive read dozens of reviews on real estate and living in Charleston, but Ive come to y’all for the lowdown on where a dedicated fisherman needs to live!

thanks - Bosun

You are correct Mt P traffic is awful. We avoid it at all costs. James Island is my favorite part of Charleston. Lots of inshore fishing for you.

John’s island is nice. Close to water, close to everything but not as ‘busy’.

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Another vote for James Island for inshore fishing. Close to Folly Beach for the surf too.

Bosun, Perfect timing!! We just put our house up for sale. It’s in the West Ashley area, off of highway 61. It’s about a 15 min. drive from our home to either Limehouse boat landing or Leeds ave boat landing, and about 20 minutes to Wappoo Cut boat landing. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll get you the particulars.
Either way…good luck with your move!


Thanks guys!

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I live in park circle and love the central location to basically everything, I also don’t have to deal with traffic for the most part. pretty central to everything in Charleston, it works for me :smiley:

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Park Circle seems like a cool area. Ive ben looking at the new Mixson development which seems incredible!

Is the fishing up the cooper and Ashley pretty good? or is it best to get nearest the mouth of the rivers and into the saltier bays, marshes and creeks?

What’s your budget? There’s an expense to living in Mt. P compared to other areas. I grew up on James Island, but parts have gone downhill. Parts of John’s Island are very nice and out of the busy city type atmosphere.

Cooper and Wando are excellent on trouts, reds, flounder, sheeps. The Ashley is good, but for some reason there a learning curve to it and it doesn’t get fished as much… just my opinion.

Are you fishing from a boat or pier or the shore?

The type of inshore fishing I do, if I could choose to live anywhere based on my fishing habits, it would be Mt Pleasant. That’s not to say there isn’t great fishing near JI or John’s Island or West Ashley…

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Thanks for all the replies!

I will be fishing from a boat. It’s a 17’ outboard skiff that was built in Wilmington and should do well down there for all the inshore stuff.

The Bulls Bay/ Cape Romain area look incredible! If only it were closer to Charleston without all the 17N traffic.

So far, Johns Island and West Ashley seem appealing

Mixon is a cool spot. The wife and I are members at the pool up there and it’s reallynice during the summer. A lot of younger couples in park circle, I’ve made a ton of new friends since moving here. Up and coming for sure!

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Also, meant to add I really like John’s Island as well. When we were buying the deal we got in Park Circle made it a no brainer (saved a ton of cash)

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I moved here 4 years ago and use to live in CB. 17n traffic can be bad at rush hour but so is everywhere in the Charelston area including James Island.The fishing you are talking about will be good just about everywhere you go.I personally like the Wando for reds.I seem to have a good amount ppf luck there and there is some real nice flats there.When you get here and need someone to go out with you i would be happy to take you around and show you some areas.

I just moved to James island last year. I’m from Florida. There’s 4 ramps within 5-6 miles of my house.
If Johns island wasn’t so out of the way I would have considered it more. But I already have a 25 mile commute to work by the Navy base.

I don’t think you’re going to go wrong wherever you go. Seems there’s fishing close to everything here.

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I’m in Park Circle as well. Been here since finishing at Clemson in '06. Seen a lot of improvement over those few years. For my money, it is the most centrally located neighborhood in the area. For your size boat, you can put in at Virginia Ave, which is literally 5 minutes from my home (probably less than a mile as the crow flies). Jump on 526 and your at Shem Creek in 12 minutes for the ICW/Harbor. About the same amount of time to Remleys. 8 minutes or so to Leeds Ave. The only downfall is if you were wanted to fish the Folly or Stono rivers. Little bit of a hike for that, but no more (probably less) than living in Mt. P. Property value is far less than on that side of the Wando as well. You can get a $400k Mt. P home here for $200k.

Just some thoughts. I’m a little biased though.


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Ha…I framed those apartments at Mixson.

Originally posted by 23Sailfish

What’s your budget? There’s an expense to living in Mt. P compared to other areas. I grew up on James Island, but parts have gone downhill

</font id=“quote”></blockquote id=“quote”>It was the loss of YOU. :wink:

Please, please, please move to Mt Pee. :smiley:

There are no fish west of the Ashley. None.

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bo are you renting or buying? do you have a family or is it just you?

Im open to renting or buying, but for the first year Id rather rent. If a good deal came along I would buy though. I’m 28 and its just me, no wife or kids, so Im not looking for anything big.