Mt. Pleasant Pier

Thinking of trying the MTP pier tomorrow and was wondering what tides are best. It’s fish-able at all tides right?

Any advice? I’m interested an catching anything that wants to bite.

I realize you may already be at the pier today, but target an incoming tide when possible…especially if there’s one close to sunrise or sunset.

You can fish the pier at any tide though and some regulars prefer the last hour or 2 of the outgoing tide for trout and flounder.

Well after scouting it out it looked like I wasn’t fully prepare so I didn’t even unpack. I probably want some extra rope for my cast net or to bring some bait with me. Lots of people were lazily fishing and not much biting. One guy caught a toad fish while I was there. Another said he caught a few small sheep. It was hot as hell so my lazyness took over and called it a day.

I did get to see hawk from about 20’ away that was chilling in a low oak limb. One lady with a baby strapped to her chest literally got like 5’ away from it to get a picture. It really is a nice facility. I didn’t expect the store to have food!

Thanks for the input 101

First, Most, Biggest

Yeah, it’s been somewhat slow this past week. Mud minnows and live mullet have produced the best results, but even with them the bite has been inconsistent.

You’ll want an extra 25 feet of rope to throw a cast net. It’s probably a good idea to scout the area at low tide so you know what areas to avoid. There are spots with some rebar that have claimed several nets over the years.

I walked by while the group was gathered around the red tail hawk so we probably crossed paths yesterday. There are plenty of marsh rats in the area so the hawks have become a staple around the pier.

Hopefully the fishing picks up for your next visit. Best of luck!

Was there yesterday, hanging on the beach, not fishing. Saw a lot of folks on the pier, didn’t see any catches. Did see a guy, about a year ago, pull in a shark from the pier though. Cleared the ‘bathers’ out of the water pretty quick.

Keep on castin’

This guy is the best resource for fishing the Mt. Pleasant Pier.

Jack Taylor

Yesterday one of the pier regulars ran into a school of reds and caught/released 8 of them (1 slot red kept). Reds were hitting on fiddlers. Today there have been a couple flounder and this 4 lb 11 oz trout caught on mud minnows.