My Garden Today

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That confederate rose will be twice that size next year. Those things are really easy to root. when it gets bigger snip some branches in the fall and put them in a five gallon bucket of water and put them in your pump house. Next spring they will be full of roots and ready to plant.

What’s that one? sort of looks like a camellia?

Yes camellia, have some nice ones by the biggest trees on the property whites, pinks and reds. There’s remnants of fences and a well pipe nearby so I suspect it was an old home site. There is a nice big azalea there too and a 20’ crape Myrtle. Have picked up several hand fulls of nails and glass. Fisk brothers say there was a 20 acre field behind there that they farmed when they were in school.

That’s really cool. My Camellia’s are budding out, but seldom make a good display do to cold weather. You should try some Oranges.

I was digging some stumps on my property and came across an old section of iron water pipe. We’ve been in this area for years and I’ve asked some of the older neighbors if they remember an old home sight. No go. I’m sure there had to be. Be cool to go back a few hundred years just to see the change in the landscape and homesteads.

Hey @Fred67 found this nearby the big camellias

and another grounding pipe

humans were here!

My Charlie Brown tomato plant still putting out.



Hanging in there

Planted some Plumerias today

My Charlie Brown cherry tomato plant is still putting out tomatoes.