My Garden Today

I usually like to wait for a cold snap too, but these are for Turkey day and time is getting short. I will freeze them up after we eat a few tonight. I barely put a dent in them.

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Now that’s what I call a collard patch! I accidentally bought some broccoli along with the collards


Gleaning cabbage fields. These are Stone Head cabbage they left behind because they were too small in October to harvest.

The secret is to wait until after the first freeze in November and get the hard ones, or Stone Heads. Its like collards, they need a good cold tempering.

They will keep in the dark spare fridge until easter, about 100 pounds in the bank.

Cabbage for stocking stuffers? Beats coal and switches I suppose.

Gonna need some more mayo


You lucky dog

Say goodbye to these on Tuesday night, BIL has a stand with a little green bunch of bananas on every plant… but for the 2nd year of trying he’ll get no fruit. He’s got a bunch of ginger growing in that plot too

His last Cherokee purples will get pickled green, that’ll be a post soon too

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HJere we go again.

The asparagus is always the first thing to come. It’s usually mid April, tax time, but nobody told this guy

Put in 200 onions this morning too, 100 red and 100 yellow.

Groceries getting spendy, especially for a poor old dirt farmer like myself…

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