My wife passed away

My wife passed away in my arms Thursday morning following a strong battle with pancreatic cancer. I can’t think of much right now to make me feel better except for going fishing again. I haven’t been fishing since October. Now that I’m alone I got a membership with BoatUS

Prayers sent

You are a good husband, it shows.

I hope you catch a ton of hard pulling fish

Stay in touch


So sorry to hear this Mr Michael…If you need anything please let me know, thinking about you during this incredibly difficult time. I was lucky enough to have sat in your living room and met you and her, it’s a moment I won’t soon forget.

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I cannot tell you how sorry I am. I hope some fishing and the memories of you and your wife fishing will help ease some of your grief. Take care.

My sympathies for you. Very sad to hear.

Deepest condolences mdl. I know you’ve been its been difficult for you…

Sorry to hear this! I hope you can get out on the water soon to help take your mind off of things. Next time I am down Ill reach out and take you fishing!

don’t know you at all, but, that is a tough road.
Prayers and condolences.

Pardon my french, but, Cancer sucks.

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Saddened to hear the news of your wife’s passing, Mdl.

Cherish the memories of the good times you two spent together.

And, by all means, go fishing!

I feel certain your wife would approve!

Condolences to you and the family.

Thanks EVERYONE! She had months of chemo and radiation and nothing worked. I was here lone caregiver all this time until the last three days when my stepdaughter came from New Orleans. Hospice was great but even her last few weeks could only come once a day for less than an hour. She slept on the couch and what sleep I got for months was next to her in a reclinerr.


I’ve been down that road. Remember the good times, be around friends and stay active. There will be down days. Talk to someone. It takes time. Prayers for you.

God bless yall. Thanks for sharing.


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Dang I really hate to hear that… Some more thoughts and prayers your way sir.

So sorry to hear this news. I’m another one who is fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit with both of you. Stay strong. Sometimes words just seem to fail me. We’ll keep you in our prayers and figure out how to have a fishing trip on Murray later this summer if you’d like.

:disappointed: sending prayers your way. Sorry to hear about your wife. Cherish every memory.

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So sorry for your loss, prayers your way!

Only know you from your positive contributions to this small community, but my wife and I send our prayers.

Fish again soon.

Sincere condolences and prayers, Mr. L

I met y’all a couple years back in your living room as well, i bought a rifle scope from you, and you gave me a pair of waders for nothing just because you wanted them to be used by someone. i won’t forget your kindness, nor your wife’s fight with you by her side.

as said, please go to the water for healing. it will be there for you when you’re ready.

I’m looking forward to going fishing again but it seems every day is busy with other things. I had to have a phone appointment with social security, pick up remains and death certificates, go to the Social Security Office, after finding our marriage license and my birth certificate, go to all of our banks with additional copies of the death certificate, reschedule all the appointments I had postponed, and gather up years of clothing and shoes and donate to various people and organizations, all the while just wanting to be left alone at home. Now I’m gathering all of her books to donate. THANK YOU

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I did have one friend who I used to work with ten years ago come by yesterday for a visit. It was very nice to see her again. We were very close. She and my wife and I, along with a couple others, would have lunch together at least once a month. She wants to take me to lunch next week at some fancy place that even has sushi.