near shore reef 6-12-08

Friday was my first spearfishing adventure here in Charleston. I finally hooked up with a friend who is an EOD diver in the navy and took my daughter along who has also never been spearfishing before. Unfortunatly we didnt have anyone to watch the boat so we had to go down two at a time. We ended up over a 90 ft tugboat and went down 60 feet. The first thing we encountered was a huge grouper who swam deep into a jagged hole which cut the line. There was no way to recover the spear but luckily we had the handy dandy hawaiian sling. Overall we got 12 spades and a sheepshead. Pretty exciting for the first time being down. The highlight was seeing a stingray resting on the bottom that was half the size of my boat and picking up a nice abandoned anchor we found.

Unfortunately my friend will be moving soon and the only divers I know are my daughter and I…anyone interested in teaming up let me know. We are definitly hooked and cant wait to get out there again. Sorry no pics this time, too excited to take any pics.

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Very interested in meeting people who love to spearfish. You name the time and place I’m there. Chris

would love to hook up and do some spearfishing

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Are yall divin with air and a speargun of free diving? The only thing Ive done in Chucktown is free dive with a Hawaiian sling. Also, what reef were you at, 4KI, Capers?

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Diving capers with air. Went again last Sunday and pole speared some sheep’s, spades and triggers. Current was extremely strong and vis was about 8’ on the bottom first dive and about 2-3’ second dive.:frowning_face:
Can’t wait until the weather gets out of here. Anyone interested in going you can e-mail me .

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I just sent you an email. That’s a nice boat you have. I was looking at those myself, but I wanted something bigger than a 19.

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were can i get dive certified or ddo you even have to i have never used air only snorkel

You cant brother fish from the same boat!!!

I have never breathed snorkel. Is it like liquid oxygen?

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I have never breathed snorkel. Is it like liquid oxygen?

LOL. It is liquid di-hydrogen oxygen with some sodium-cloride and some other salts added.



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