Never Heard About Autism When I Was A Kid

I can’t say I recall anyone with diabetes either or peanuts allergies

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My father in law and I were just talking about this. I remember one friend in school that had Diabetes. Never heard of any peanut allergies, really not much of any allergies.

My wife teaches “special needs” children and it amazes me how many different diagnoses they are given. It was all the retarded kids in special Ed. Can’t say retarded anymore. I got the wife seriously pizzed off at me for calling “special needs” kids retarded. And I meant no disrespect, just what they were always called.

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I had a kid in my 1st grade class named Tom that wrote his name backwards, Mot. He did a lot of weird stuff. Not sure they had a label back then, but he was probably dyslexic. We were taught by nuns. They were mean.

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Oh crap!!! Yes sir, I’ve had some serious conversation from a few taught by Nuns. Spare the rod and spoil the child.

Oh I heard a lot about autism as a kid…2 uncles and my grandmother were pediatricians .

As far as acetaminophen goes, better to take it as prescribed during pregnancy, than have high fever . Infants will suffer from brain damage if high fever persists, again, prescribed doses and duration.

And we know through genetic research that autism and autistic traits have been part of what makes us human for a long time.

Research has shown that some key autism genes are part of a shared ape heritage, which predates the “split” that led us along a “human” path. This was when our ancient ape ancestors separated from other apes that are alive today. Other autism genes are more recent in evolutionary terms – though they are still more than 100,000-years-old.

Research has also shown that autism for the most part is highly hereditary. Though a third of the cases of autism can be put down to the random appearance of “genetic mistakes” or spontaneously occurring mutations, high rates of autism are generally found in certain families. And for many of these families this dash of autism can bring some advantages.

All of this suggests that autism is with us for a reason. And as our recent book and journal paper show, ancestors with autism played an important role in their social groups through human evolution because of their unique skills and talents.


What did they tell you? Did they share their evidence with you if so can you post it?

Looks like the current researchers have updated findings

You talk about apes as our ancient ape ancestors and “we” split from them. Were is the fossil records? A missing link has never been found. You believe you came from a monkey and I’ll believe it was Devine intervention… or some sort of intervention. You suggest things bo. No facts that autism ever was part of our ancestors past. One fact is Autism is on the rise in today’s society.

Heard the latest on the Covid vaccination? It is now been proven that the spike proteins is affecting all areas and organs of the human body in some people. It has now been proven to be able to be passed to a fetus causing birth defects. You won’t here that on the main stream, but it’s out there being suppressed and censored. More increases in Autism expected.

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IMO there are a lot of facts and studies proving that a suppressed immune system is a major cause of disease, side effects, birth defects, etc., ESPECIALLY in the gut, where almost all bacteria REPORTEDLY starts.

So where in this devine intervention does autism fit? Who are the poor souls that get selected to have autism? If we’re created as you suggest, you’re created with autism, correct?

You believe intervention, or some sort of…I believe in science.

Honestly Bolbie, I wouldn’t be surprised if we find that the DeVine intervention could have been ancient aliens seeding the Galaxy through God’s hand.

On the Science thing. There is NO proof that Man came from Apes. Thoughts Yes, but no proof. Did you know we share 90% DNA match with Felines and I think even more with Pigs. We can share a pigs heart, but a Monkeys won’t work.

Wonder if God allows Angels to talk with Satan’s captives? Probably not. So we can only banter for now. Just so you know, I believe 100% in evolution, Just not in Man’s case. Every animal surviving on this Earth has been here for 100 of thousands of years before Man came along. And when we did, we are the Top Dog with nothing even close. Even the smartest recorded Chimpanzee is only as intelligent as a normal 4 year old human child

Great take a look at this :point_down:

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Yawn…find something credible, bruh

Children’s Health Defense® is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. EIN #26-0388604

RFK Jr. is a quack nut job, great find.

Dude you never even read it!
It’s full of scientists presenting data

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Why can’t this be debated in public with medical professionals and scientists?

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So hard to tell anymore what’s fake and what’s real in the news. This new AI being taught to lie is going to make it even harder. Some of the videos created by ai are hard to distinguish even by a video forensic expert from what I’m hearing.

So they suspected this in 2011 :thinking:

whodathunk they wouldn’t of fixed it

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remember a mysterious thief stealing her computers?

there are no coincidences

carry on

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It does seem like there are a lot of “vaccinations” big pharma is pushing these days. Flu shot, covid shot, RSV shot, meningococcal pneumonia shot. And that is just as an adult. Kids “need” even more. Science is great and, we are all living longer but, one has to wonder what all this stuff we put in our bodies is really doing in the long run.