New to Surf Fishing here

Having fished all my life from boats , more offshore but alot inshore, having sold my boat 5 years ago I am now retiired and have the time. Trying to explore the surf fishing world and need a little advice. Looked at Breach Inlet and that looked nive to start, close parking and not a long walk. Is the north or the south side better…also I see here a lot of people do the Folly thing…any sugestions, any advise would be great…thanks

19 Carolina Skiff

Breach inlet around the rocks on the sullivans side. Cast up current to the rocks and work the edges. Reds, trout and flounder.

Thank you…was kinda thinkin 'bout that…liked the looks of those rocks…like anything always look for structure

19 Carolina Skiff

I’ve only tried Folly so far. Let me know how you do and where you go. I need to find new spots to try out. Good luck!