New to Surf Fishing in Charleston

I will be visiting Charleston AFB for a couple days next weekend and am hoping to get out and do some fishing.

What kind of rods/reels and tackle should I bring down? I have a couple 8’ salmon rods and a couple 12’ surf casters.

What areas would be best/easiest to try out this time of year?

All comments/advice are appreciated. Thanks.

Your best bet would probably be Sullivan’s island around either fort moultrie or Breach’s inlet. Or north folly at the lighthouse. Both have a lot of rocks you can fish around. When I go out I take a 10 or 12 ft for chunking it far out. Then a 8 ft for around the rocks. You can do a search on all these spots and find plenty of past info.

Easiest would be right by Ft. Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island. There is a public beach access right next to the fort that is 50 yards from the shoreline. Folly beach is a bit more of a walk if you are carrying a lot of gear. I would use at least a 10 foot rod with a reel that has 50 pound braid on it.

The access at Ft. Moultrie is definitely nice. Just be mindful of all the structure. Rocks are everywhere and the dropoff to the shipping channel can be nasty.

Thanks for the replies. What species do you target at Ft Moultrie? How far out should I be casting it? Is the standard setup a Carolina rig with cut bait? What weight should I be using?

Thanks for the help, will definitely same me some time and will hopefully lead to some fish when I get there. I’m visiting from Alaska so it’ll be cool to try out a different kind of fishing.

I’ve seen or caught pretty much everything at moultrie. Reds, flounder, trout, black drum, and shark. I always use a Carolina rig with cut bait. Can usually use a 3pz weight unless you are fishing the channel. Then ya have to go up to 8 or bigger.