Nice shark on IOP tonight

Landed this one and lost one a little bigger. Broke the leader. I need to take a lesson from the requiem guys on how to gear up for these guys I am out matched with my current equipment. Caught one nice whiting also biggest one so far this year.

Very pretty. What are you currently fishing with?

Cut menhaden, squid, and blues if I can catch them. Tried frozen finger mullet couldn’t get anything to touch it. Caught both sharks last night on menhaden, whiting and a ray on squid.

nice one. i think he meant what kind of equipment you fishing with? kinda hard to tell from pic, about how big is that shark? 3-4’?

I am currently using 2 cheap Shakespeare combos 7’rods. 1 8’ ugly stick with okuma reel. And a penn 4000 combo 7’ rod. I spool everything with 20 pound powerpro 30 pound mono backer. The second shark almost spooled me on one of the cheap combos I turned it but was never able to get the braid back on the reel biggest fish I have ever had on from the beach never got a look at it. I promised my son we would upgrade our gear and go back after it. Shark in pic was a little over 4’

Nice fish :slight_smile:

you say your leader broke, what kind of leader set up you using? i’ve had good success with about a 5’ 150# mono leader and about a 1’ 135# steel leader at the hook. bought a pair a P-line crimpers off amazon last year, seem to be holding up pretty well.

I usually tie a 30 pound 3’ steel leader directly to my braid. The snap swivel failed. Just bought a bigger reel and rod any advice on how to spool it? I am honestly considering sticking with all mono and a 5’ heavy fcarbon leader with a 1’ steel leader I am tired of messing with braid and hate all the line cuts I get when tying knots and casting.

“advice on how to spool it?”
tie the line to the spool and start reeling? :smiley: sorry, i’ve never used braid before. if i were going to target larger sharks, i’d probably recommend it since the line capacity would be greater. i’ve caught a few in the 3’-5’ range on 30lb mono with only 1 break off(hit anchor rope).

Mr Roofer, I agee with Mr. Fracwilt you need at least 30lb braid or mono. Ive then add a 50lb top-shot on top of braid of 50 ft. the braid doest stretch and if u tie directly to a liter it can pop.The braid will also cast much further than the mono enabling you to get out past breakers.The other benefit of braid is when current is strong it is thinner and doesnt get pushed or moved as easy and stays put in surf as it has less resistance, and it also doesnt get caught in wind as bad and stays put better.Then u need a big swivel, much heavier liter wire and a stouter pole with around 400 yds of line on big reel or you can get giant reel and put 30 lb mono on it for a few dollars vs 60 a reel which is very expensive if have multiple reels. Im sure theres allot of people that think differently and have different set up and they will chime in no doubt-but this will work for casting for black tips , not for kayacking for tiger sharks.Then can use same set come fall for bull reds. ok-here comes my verbal tong lashing.