North Edisto and Kiawah

Making a trip down in mid August and staying in Kiawah. We usually head down in September and the north Edisto fishing is worth bringing the boat. How about August? Are the bait shrimp in yet? I don’t want to spend the week watching bottom rigged rods. I can do that in the surf. Advice would be helpful.

2110 NauticStar ShallowBay
150 Yamaha

there’s plenty of smaller shrimp in the creeks off of the Wadmallaw so they should be in the Edisto as well.

I never go any where with out a boat! To much water to fish off the bank. Creeks are full of bait! Good luck.

Plenty of bait in creeks, shrimp look real small to me for this time of year in Toogoodoo,2 more weeks and they’ll be really good bait size.

You can’t catch fish on a dry line