Not the Surf, but Fish Bites surprised me

I went back to my old faithful, Lake Wateree Dam and did a little Catfishing. We use gizzard Shad strips and catch tons of blue cats 1-80Lbs on spinning tackle. I decided to throw some Fish Bites Salt Water Shrimp on there. I caught 15 Blues and 3-30” Stripers in less than an hour. People couldn’t believe it and I only used two fish bites. I’m going to use different ones up there. Saves me money and my hands from smelling like crazy! I can’t add the picture, having trouble with that part.

So I have never fished there before. Are you fishing on the lake side or the river side?

I fish the river side on the slab. Depending on how they are running the engines, I can catch around 20-50 Catfish each time I go. Now that striper season is over, they will stop running most engines full blast. I use 10-12’ rods, slip corks, 3oz egg sinkers, .5’ 50Lb leader and 3/0 circle hooks.

You need to cast right up against the wall and you will catch or miss a fish almost every cast. It takes time to cast perfectly and not get caught on things, but it’s a lot of fun when you finally have everything dialed in. Let me know if you ever want to go and I’ll show you what I do.