Nov. 2, 2013

Went to my secret surf spot. Fish 2hrs. before till 2hrs. after low. Some nice BlackDrum, Whiting, a couple slot reds and a 16" Speck.

Very nice! I would consider that a Surf Slam! :smiley:

Thanks for the reply! I have been reading for a while and just started posting. Should have started in the spring. It has been a VERY GOOD surf year for me. Am gonna hit again this weekend, maybe we’ll slam’em again.

Tight Lines All!

Yep I’d say that’s quite a haul, you’ve got a whole buffet there. Mind if I ask what rig you’re using? I’m still relatively new to surf fishing though it’s quickly taking preference over pier fishing. I typically just use a 2.0 ghost rig with a sliding wait but have yet to land any decent reds.

I just use a 60 lb. double “beaded” drop rig, with mostly 3 oz. pyramid sinker, and #4, yes #4 hooks, not 4/0. Sometimes I may step up to #2 hooks If my bait whiting is a little fat. And mostly 15lb. Mono. This time of year I’ll use 20-25 for the Bull’s. Caught this this past Sat. 11/9 along with some Whiting.