Nov 5 Report: Edisto 40

Very nice conditions, and a chill was definitely in the air, so the hunt for Mr. Bull Red continued.

We stopped at my secret spot 2 miles off the beach and caught our first one; a 34 incher with half his tail bitten off.

We then hit the 40 and caught two more (38 and 36) using cut Pinfish on the bottom. Still haven’t been able to land any Reds using live bait. My theory is with so much Shrimp in the water, Mr. Redfish is too lazy to chase his food.

We also caught four ARS -largest 24” (also learned a new way to tell the difference) as well as a Grouper. All were released back. Two Bluefish, a nice sized Sharpnose, and a couple dozen “almoster” BSBs. Pinfish outnumbered Grunts for the first time this year.

Ocean temp nearshore was 61, and at the 40, 64. Back out again today.


Some beasts! Thanks for the report!

Looks like fun!

Thanks for your report, and pics!!

Identifying Vermillion vs. Juvy ARS can be a challenge sometimes. Glad you found the trick.